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We travel to discover the world, make new friends, see the unseen and hear the unheard. We climb volcanoes, swim with whale sharks, participate in Mayan rituals, and visit the last sea nomads. These experiences are why we travel! Create your own unforgettable stories with My name is Travel

Why we

Small groups

The summits of the Himalayas or the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Everything is much easier in a small group of like-minded people. The tour leader has the opportunity to pay attention to everyone.

Immersion in the country

With us, you see real local life, not just a picture for tourists. We live, eat and move around like locals, without forgetting about your comfort and convenience.

9 years on the travel market

Our first adventure travel project is I love Asia. Thousands of people have been discovering Asia with us, and now we are opening up an entire world. 160+ trips to 45 countries.

Our guarantees

We do not cancel our trips. If you had to cancel, then we will gladly transfer your deposit to another journey that you choose at the time convenient for you.

Travel experts

Our tour leaders do not quote Wikipedia, they show you the soul and spirit of the country. They are professional travelers with a vast experience of life in the country.

Traveling with My Name is Travel

We offer 160+ unusual handmade trips to 45 countries on most continents. Our tour leaders are experts on their countries, they have spent years researching the region and learning local languages. We show travelers not only famous places, but also hidden authentic corners and introduce them to fascinating locals.

Bali and Togeans. Adventures across equator in Indonesia

A perfect getaway for lovers of unspoiled beaches, unique underwater world and exotic traditions. On heavenly Bali we will find beaches unknown to tourists, enjoy nature and raft on the river lost in the jungle. Then we move to Sulawesi - to spend a couple of days enjoying deserted beaches and stunning underwater world of Togean islands.

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China. Two weeks in Middle Kingdom

A perfect trip for those interested in understanding modern China, it begins with exploration of megapolises - Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou and Kunming. Then we dive deep into China's vivid countryside, discovering the country as it was thousands years ago - cozy villages tucked between stunning landscapes, mountains, ancient temples, tea plantations and the largest tea markets in the world.

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New Year 2020!

Wild islands in the Philippines, or white beaches of Mexico? New Year should be colorful! And what about kayaking with seals in Namibia? Or vivid Argentina? Choose from 24 unusual New Year trips.

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