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Islamabad and Pakistani highlands

15 +2 to transfer

Tour description

Lands, where the three highest mountain chains of the world have laid their ridges. Valleys, which have become a home for the most mysterious people. Breathtaking views and incredible varieties of traditions and religions of Pakistani highlands will destroy all the stereotypes you have ever had about this region.

Tour departures

13 October 2024 - 27 October 2024
12 May 2025 - 26 May 2025

The price of the tour includes

  • All transportation, including trains, buses, public transport and taxis
  • Accommodation in hotels and guesthouses throughout the journey
  • Entry to all attractions during the trip
  • Services of local guides
  • Professional guiding services.

What is NOT included

  • Flight to Islamabad and back home. (Let us know if you need help finding the best deals)
  • Insurance (mandatory)
  • Food ($20-25 per day)
  • Entrance tickets to parks, museums and other sights on the route;
  • Visa ($35).

Tour map

My name is Travel

Tour itinerary

Day 1-2

Islamabad, Taxila, Ruins of the ancient cities

Our journey through Northern Pakistan begins in Islamabad. We arrive in the capital of this country and check into a hotel.

The next morning we leave for the ancient city of Taxila (two hours drive). People have lived here for over five thousand years. Therefore, Taxila boasts many monuments of different periods of history: from the burial grounds of the Stone Age to the ruins of several cities built twenty centuries ago. Also, Buddha statues! Now Pakistan is associated exclusively with Muslims. But Islam entered this country only in the Middle Ages, while Buddhist kingdoms existed even before our the common era.

In the evening we leave for Peshawar (3 hours drive), where we will check into a hotel.

My name is Travel
My name is Travel
Day 3

Peshawar, Takhti-Bakhi monastery

In the morning let`s take a walk in Peshawar. This city has a surprisingly rich history: at different times it was ruled by the Greeks, Persians, Mughals, Sikhs, Afghans and the British. We will walk through the old city quarters, where the dark narrow streets are filled with stalls and small shops, mules, auto rickshaws, bearded men and women in colorful shalwar kameez dresses. Here, Asian chaos mixes with the oriental bazaar and British architecture.

After lunch we drive north and in two hours reach another Buddhist monument from the UNESCO list - the monastery of Takhti-Bakhi. It was founded at the beginning of the 1st century when Pakistan was part of the Buddhist Kushan kingdom. It survived during numesrous wars only because of the location on top of a high hill.

We will spend the night in the city of Dir.

My name is Travel
My name is Travel
Day 4

Chitral, Road to the Bumburet Valley

We leave for the city of Chitral, which before the arrival of the British was the capital of the local principality (2 hours drive). Now the road between the two cities passes through a ten-kilometer tunnel. But just a few years ago, this path was very long and difficult. In summer, the road went through the Lovari Pass, more than three thousand meters high, and in winter, when the pass was covered with snow, cars had to take a detour through neighboring Afghanistan.

In Chitral, we will transfer to off-road vehicles and head west to the Bumburet Valley, where we will spend the night.

My name is Travel
My name is Travel

Is this trip for you?

This trip is of light physical grade. It includes short bus and train rides, and two long bus rides - for 11 and 13 hours, including stops for food and visiting places of interest on the way. We will also be taking long walks in cities and towns. The route includes changes of climate conditions and altitudes. Accommodation in double/twin rooms of tourist class hotels and guesthouses, almost everyone will have wi fi internet. We will spend one night in the basic conditions in a private guesthouse, possibly without hot water.

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