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Uzbekistan - From Alexander the Great to our days

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Tour description

From emirs and khans who conquered India, to a short stay in the USSR. We will explore the entire amazing history of one of the oldest civilisations on Earth. And, yes, you will learn the secrets of the famouse Uzbek pilaf!

  • Walk in the narrow wattle and daub streets in Bukhara, which seemed to come out of the tales of "One Thousand and One Nights"
  • Feel the greatness of the largest ancient empire on Registan square in Samarkand 
  • Visit the artisan workshops and watch unique traditional ceramics, majolica glaze and hand-made knives being made
  • Relax in a traditional sauna that has been open since the 16th century
  • Stand on top of the fortress, which is more than 2 thousand years old, and feel the serenity of the vast Kyzylkum desert around you.

Tour departures

16 May 2022 - 24 May 2022

The price of the tour includes

Accommodation during the entire trip; All transportation including trains, buses, cars, taxis and public transportation of all kinds; Flight from Tashkent to Urgench; Traditional breakfasts in all hotels; Professional guiding services.

What is NOT included

Flight to Tashkent and back home. (Let us know if you need help finding the best deals); Tickets to palaces, museums and other places of interest ($50); Food, except breakfasts ($10-12 per person per day); Insurance (mandatory).

Tour map

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Tour itinerary

Day 1

The capital, Tashkent, Kukeldash madrassah, Hast-Imam square, Chorsu bazaar

We arrive in Tashkent, check into a hotel and begin our group trip to Uzbekistan. Let`s begin with a walk in the central square and visit to the madrassah (Islamic school) Kukeldash - one of the largest in Central Asia, built in the 16th century. The history of this building is unique - built as a school, it soon became a caravanserai (hotel), later it was used as a fortress. Russian conquerors of Tashkent used it in 1860, shooting rebels on the square from its walls. It was even a place for execution - until 1865, women accused of adultery were dumped on the stone floor from the height of this building...

We head to the Hast-Imam square - the center of old Tashkent. Previously, there were areas of wattle and daub houses, and now it is an island of history among asphalt, concrete and glass. Among the unique exhibits of the museum on the square is a collection of Korans, collected throughout Asia in the 16th century. The oldest Koran is of a huge size and dates back to the 13th century. 

We dine at the Chorsu bazaar, which is known since the Middle Ages. They still make the most delicious pilaf, kebabs, and chobra here. Refreshed, we walk along a huge bazaar, studying bright goods and brisk sellers. Particular attention is immediately attracted to ceramics - colorful teapots, dishes and tea cups hand-painted in various regions of Uzbekistan. Try to find the symbol of the country - cotton boll on these ornaments. By the end of the journey, you will understand the meaning of all these patterns and even identify the regions where this ceramics was made.

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My name is Travel
Day 2-3

Ancient Khiva, The second tallest minaret in Central Asia, Forts in the Kyzylkum desert

In the morning we fly to Urgench (2 hours), and then take a taxi to Khiva (40 minutes) where we will continue our guided tour to Uzbekistan. Khiva is an ancient city in the Khorezm state, which existed from the 16th century until 1920, until the Russian army overthrew the last khan. We will stay in a traditional hotel in the old town of Ichan-kala and see the minaret of Kalta-Minor - the only minaret completely covered with glazed tiles and majolica. 

We will also see the second-highest minaret in all of Central Asia - Islom-Khoja. Its height is 44.6 meters, and it is named after the chief vizier of the beginning of the XX century - a well-known reformer in the country, killed by the secret order of the khan. We leave to the Kyzylkum desert, which surrounds the city. Here, in the endless sands, stand two fortresses - Ayaz-kala and Toprak-kala. They remember the times when this land was part of the ancient Kushan kingdom and the local people were not Muslims, but Buddhists and Zoroastrians. 

Climb to the top of the fortress to feel like a warrior of ancient times. Look closely at these endless sands - somewhere on the horizon, where the sand merges with the blue of the sky is India. Only 1700 years ago, India and Uzbekistan were one country! We drive to Bukhara through the desert (5-6 hours on the way) and check into a traditional hotel in the old town.

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Day 4-5

Bukhara, 5th century Ark citadel, Traditional sauna

Bukhara was considered one of the centers of Islamic science and culture of Asia. It also preserved its old cozy districts. We will be lost and found on narrow streets between wattle and daub houses, between the arches of the old bazaar, small mosques and madrassas. Pay attention to the doors - they are all hand-carved and each is a unique work of art. 

We learn more about the history of this city and the tragic fate of the last Bukharian emir during a walk through the huge citadel Ark, which was built in the 5th century. In the mausoleum of Bahauddin Naqshband - the founder of one of the main orders of Sufism - we learn more about Sufis and Dervishes. We will see a tree, which local pilgrims believe has grown in the place where the saint stuck his staff into the ground. 

You will also love Bukhara for traditional local music, unique handmade souvenirs that are not sold anywhere else - majolica and hand-painted tiles, embroidery, handmade knives, Bukhara sweets and local wines. And how about traditional sauna, which has been working since the 16th century? Let`s visit it and enjoy the spa!

My name is Travel
My name is Travel

Is this trip for you?

This trip is of easy physical grade. It involves one 8-hour long car ride through the desert and several short car rides (3-5 hours). We will also take one short domestic flight. We will also walk in cities and towns. Accommodation in double/twin rooms of tourist class hotels, all will have attached bathroom, hot water, wi fi internet and traditional Uzbek breakfast.

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