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All wonders of Galapagos islands in Ecuador

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Tour description

Two worlds - Antarctic and tropical. Incredible nature awaits us in the midst of the stormy waters of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Explore the white sand and turquoise waters of Tortuga Bay beach
  • Peer into the crater of the active volcano Sierra Negra
  • Observe fur seals, iguanas, pelicans, giant turtles, and pink flamingos up close
  • Get to the summit of the Pichincha volcano by cable car to see the capital Quito from above
  • Stroll through one of the continent's largest bazaars at Otavalo.

Tour departures

26 December 2024 - 02 January 2025

The price of the tour includes

  • Accommodation in hotels, guesthouses throughout the trip
  • All domestic flights
  • All transportation
  • Entry tickets to all places of interest mentioned in the itinerary
  • Rental of bicycles and kayaks
  • Professional guiding services.

What is NOT included

  • Flight to Quito and back home. (Let us know if you need help finding the best deals)
  • Insurance (mandatory)
  • Food ($15-25 per day)
  • Migration card for visiting the Galapagos Islands( $100) ;
  • Rental of equipment for snorkelling ($15 per day)
  • Additional diving ($200)
  • Visa (if you need one).

Tour map

My name is Travel

Tour itinerary

Day 1

Capital Quito, Walks in the city, National cuisine restaurant

We arrive in Quito, the second highest capital in the world. We are 2850 meters above sea level.

It's time to get to know the local cuisine better. Ecuadorians love different types of grilled meats, especially the Kui guinea pig. Vegetable lovers will appreciate the dishes made from potatoes, corn, cassava roots and green plantains. Canelaso, a hot drink made from fruit juice, cane alcohol, cinnamon and cloves, is especially loved by the locals.

My name is Travel
My name is Travel
Day 2

Santa Cruz Island, Charles Darwin Station, Wild Seals, Iguanas, Turtles and Flamingos

In the morning we fly to the Galapagos Islands, check into a hotel in the town of Puerto Ayora on the island of Santa Cruz. Let`s begin in the Charles Darwin reserch center. Here, an international team of scientists work on research and conservation of the island animals that are not found anywhere else in the world. We will learn about local animals, their life and habits, and understand how exactly on the Galapagos Islands Charles Darwin came up with the idea of evolution.

But isn`t it better to learn out in the wild? Let`s meet local wild animals at arm's length! We will walk around the island admiring huge turtles, iguanas and fur seals. We might also meet pink flamingos.

My name is Travel
My name is Travel
My name is Travel
Day 3

Tortuga Bay beach, Lava tunnels

In the morning we leave for the most beautiful beach of the Galapagos Islands, Tortuga Bay. You can swim here only in specially designated places so as not to dirturb the wild animals that live here. But we will see plenty of marine iguanas, Galapagos crabs, brown pelicans and huge turtles.

We return for lunch, rest and explore the island in jeeps. Today we will see the famous lava tunnels. Only a few thousand years ago, volcanoes erupted here, and only these arches, reminiscent of long caves, remained from the boiling lava flows. Galapagos islands are home to 21 volcanoes, of which 13 are active. Scientists believe that the islands were created millions of years ago by volcanic eruptions on the ocean floor.

My name is Travel
My name is Travel

Is this trip for you?

This trip is of easy physical grade. It includes city and nature walks, and one easy hike to the top of the volcano 1124 meters above sea level. The hike will take us 5 hours. The trip includes short rides by rented and public transport. We will also take two domestic flights.

Accommodation in guesthouses and hotels with hot water and, in most cases, wifi.

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