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China. Beijing, sacred mountains, Avatar park and villages on the Li river

13 +2 to transfer

Tour description

Can you see all the famous places of China in just two weeks, as well as visit authentic villages without tourists? Yes, you can, if you join us on this journey! 

  • Walk on the largest glass bridge in the world over the abyss 
  • Explore the part of the Great Wall of China where tourists do not get
  • Walk on suspension bridges over the flying cliffs of the iconic Avatar Park 
  • Observe cute pandas at the famous research center in Chengdu 
  • Meet the most vivid people of southern China - long-haired Yao, singing Zhuangs and excellent Miao cooks

Tour departures

15 May 2024 - 27 May 2024

The price of the tour includes

Two domestic flights All transportation, including trains, buses, city transport and taxis Entrance tickets to all attractions along the route (up to $350) Accommodation throughout the trip Professional guiding services.

What is NOT included

Flight to Beijing and from Guangzhou back home. (Let us know if you need help finding the best deals) Food (about $ 15-20 per person per day) Insurance (mandatory) Visa to China.

Tour map

My name is Travel

Tour itinerary

Day 1

Beijing, Old hutong district, Tiananmen square

We arrive in Beijing and check into a guesthouse in one of the old hutong district. Here, traditional Chinese rectangular courtyards are connected by narrow streets. We wander around the area to feel the spirit of medieval Celestial Empire, and then head to the largest square in the world - Tiananmen. 

We walk around the square and visit the famous Forbidden City - the main palace of the Chinese emperors from the 15th century. Need we say, that this palace is the largest in the world? It consists of 980 buildings, and has an area of 720 thousand square meters! The last Chinese emperor Puyi was expelled from this palace in 1924. If you have seen the famous movie "The Last Emperor" you have some idea about what life was like in this palace in the emperial times! 

Next, we head to the Temple of Heaven. Built around the same time as the Forbidden City, it was used by emperors for prayers for the country's prosperity. In the evening, we will explore the area where our guesthouse is located and enjoy our dinner of traditional Beijing duck in the restaurant popular among locals.

My name is Travel
Day 2

Great Wall of China

In the morning we take the train to Badaling (about 1 hour on the way). This part of the Great Wall of China, was built in 1504 and is well preserved. The first Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang came up with the idea of the Wall and began to build it back in the 3rd century BC. If you saw the famous film "Hero" you already know something about this ruler, who became a national hero. (And if you haven’t seen the movie, you must watch before you go to China!) 

The Wall was supposed to protect the empire from numerous tribes of nomads. We will walk about 10 kilometers along the Wall, from the most popular part, where crowds of selfie lovers gather, to places unknown to tourists. The wall constantly goes up and down, the steps are very unusual, and the views are fascinating! We return to Beijing by train (1 hour on the way), go to the airport and fly to Chengdu where we check into a hotel.

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Day 3

Chengdu, Wolong Panda Research Center, Museum of poet Du Fu, The largest shopping center in the world

Chengdu is a huge Chinese metropolis, but all over the world it is known primarily because of the pandas. We will visit one of the most famous panda places - Wolong Panda Research Center. It boasts more than 150 individuals of the big panda, as well as red Chinese monkeys, snow leopards and red pandas. We will observe the life and games of animals that have become a symbol of China. Get your cameras ready! 

After lunch we head to the museum of the most famous Chinese poet Du Fu, who lived in the 8th century. We will see a reed hut recreated from a hut that the poet built himself and which he used as his home for almost four years. Du Fu became famous for his poems about the hard life of ordinary Chinese people, as well as the fact that he dared to write poems critical of the emperor himself! 

In the evening we head to the largest shopping center in the world, New Century Global Center. This area of 1 million 700 thousand square meters, is known not only for thousands of shops and restaurants, but also an artificial beach with sand, a Mediterranean village, a life-size pirate ship and even an Olympic-size ice skating arena.

My name is Travel
My name is Travel

Is this trip for you?

This trip is of easy physical grade. It includes long walks in cities, villages and in the national park. We will travel by trains, buses (trips lasting up to 5 hours) and take two short domestic flights. Accommodation in double/twin rooms in tourist class hotels and guesthouses. Each room will have attached bathroom with hot water, almost everywhere there will be wi fi internet.

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