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Even the most seasoned adventurers will be amazed at the diversity of this country on the tropical islands in the Pacific Ocean. Spanish cobblestone streets with grandiose Catholic cathedrals. And wooden houses on stilts, between which the peasants ride on carts with skis instead of wheels. Hundreds of skyscrapers in downtown Makati. And endless wild jungle with the purest waterfalls.

Small group tours to the Philippines with My name is Travel include tiny uninhabited islets, swimming in the open sea with whale sharks and a walk along the world famous Chocolate Hills.

Guided tours to the Philippines will take you to the active Taal volcano and hot springs with flying foxes circling above. We will sum up the impressions while sipping local rum, enjoying the freshest seafood and different varieties of the world's best mango. The tour leader will teach you to choose the best!

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Wonderful Philippines

My name is Travel
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22 April 2024 - 06 May 2024

Chocolate hills, secret lagoons with clear water and flocks of colorful fish, a park of exotic tarciers - all this you saw in the advertising brochures, and now can see for yourself. We head to the paradise country of fabulously beautiful islands and untouched deserted beaches!

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