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A huge mosque, and next to it is a Buddhist temple, filled with incense smoke. A snow-white Anglican church, and across the road is a Hindu temple with colorful statues of the gods. This is Malaysia and its signature blend of Chinese, Indian, Malay and Thai culture.

Thankfully, blend of cultures means blend of cuisine. Malaysians greet each other with "sudah makan?", which means "have you already eaten?" My name is Travel Small group tours to Malaysia will make sure that you always answer yes.

The streets of the old Alor village are hidden among the skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur. It is known for the most vivid culinary experiences. Spicy meat stewed in coconut milk in rendang sauce, roti canai curry flatbread, fried fish ikan goreng, ice kachan dessert made from beans, peanuts and jelly... Save some space for the famous street food of Penang island! There we will find a specialty nasi lemak ayam - a dish of fried chicken, anchovies, hot sauce, cucumbers, eggs and rice boiled in coconut milk.

Guided tours to Malaysia will also take you to the beaches without tourists where rare turtle breed, wild jungles, elegant British architecture and entire districts of traditional Chinese shophouses that have become a living open-air museum.

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Singapore and treasures of Borneo

My name is Travel
14 +2
19 August 2024 - 01 September 2024

Virgine nature and the world's most advanced megapolis - this was this trip is about. We will see all attractions of Singapore and then move to Borneo - world's third largest island. There we will explore giant caves of Mulu national park and meet unique wild animals in Bako national park. Expect beautiful beaches, a ride in the largest water village in the world in Brunei, temples, and Asia's best food.

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Food tour to Malaysia and Singapore. Fantastic tastes

My name is Travel
11 +2
31 August 2024 - 10 September 2024

What will happen if you gather Chinese, Indians, Malays and tribal people in a small area? The most diverse cuisine in the world! We will try everything delicious, enjoy incredible seafood and exotic fruits. And all this - against the background of ancient temples, super skyscrapers and the wildest jungles of the planet.

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