+ flight to Johannesburg/Cape Town and back home
14 days

What you get

Южно-Африканская Республика
Животные, пейзажи, вино, два океана
Включен по всему маршруту
Профессиональный турлидер-путешественник
Завтраки и 3-разовое питание в парке Крюгера
13 ночей в отелях
Физическая нагрузка
Уровень 2 (легкий) из 5

South Africa. Canyons, waterfalls, wildlife and two oceans

These two weeks will be filled with memorable meetings, views that seem to come to life from famous screensavers, and sensations of earthly wonders!

  • Walk around the famous "black" district of Nelson Mandela and the wealthy Sandton neighborhood
  • Immerse your feet in two oceans at once - Indian and Atlantic at Cape Agulhas
  • Get a close-up view of the Big Five and Little Five African Animals
  • Appreciate the landscapes of the Panoramic Route and Garden Route, which you will recognize from the famous screensavers
  • Watch seals, whales, penguins and sharks in the open ocean
  • Explore Dutch and French architecture in Stellenbosch and Franshoek and savour the country's most famous wines

Trip code

The price of the trip includes:

  1. Four domestic flights;
  2. All transportation including public and rented transport, taxis, cable car to Table Mountain, and the like;
  3. Accommodation throughout the trip;
  4. All game drives;
  5. Breakfasts in almost all hotels and full three meals a day during your stay in the Kruger National Park;
  6. Boat trip to watch whales and other marine animals;
  7. Kayaking and canoeing in national parks along the Gardens Route;
  8. Professional guiding services.

What is NOT included:

  1. Flight to Johannesburg / Cape Town and back. (Let us know if you need help finding the best deals);
  2. Insurance (mandatory);
  3. Food ($30-40 per day)
  4. Entrance fees to national parks and attractions ($200);
  5. Snorkeling / diving (cage diving and shark jumping - approximately $200 per person);
  6. Extreme activities (bungee jumping $100, zipline / sandboarding $30-40);
  7. Visa (if you need one).


16 August, Mon 29 August, Sun
$ 3095
Individual Tour
You can choose your date

Day 1

Йоханнесбург Тауншип Совето Богатый район Сендтон

We arrive in Johannesburg (or Cape Town, and then fly to Johannesburg), check into a hotel in the Sandton area, one of the safest in the city. After a short rest, we head for a walk to Soweto - the largest "black" area of the city. Here we learn about the country's sad past - apartheid racial discrimination and the struggle for equality. Nelson Mandela, a famous statesman and fighter for human rights, lived in Soweto for almost twenty years, now is house is turned to a museum. We will also see the famous graffiti-painted towers of the closed Orlando power plant.

If we have time, we will take a walk through the modern district of Sandton to see how the wealthiest people in the country live. For dinner we head to a restaurant that serves local dishes. For example, we can try boboti - baked minced meat with spices, nuts and egg. Interestingly, this dish was brought to South Africa by the Dutch and Malays from the island of Java, who still live in South Africa. We might also try the famous marinated biltong jerky.

Day 2 - 3

Национальный парк Крюгера Большая африканская пятерка животных

We continue our guided tour to South Africa and in the morning fly to Hoedspruit (1 hour). It takes about an hour from the airport to reach the safari lodge in Kruger national park. Here we come under the care of professional photo hunters and guides. After lunch we begin our first safari in an open jeep. Today we will see all the animals from bright children's books - with our own eyes, very close!

August is dry season and animals spend a lot of time near rivers. We will see all the big "African five" up close - elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, lions and leopards. Have you heard about the Little five of African animals? These five most famous small animals in Africa are no less impressive! We will also enjoy views of the Blyde River Canyon - one of the largest canyons on our planet.

Next day we also spend in the park watching the animals. We will definitely see zebras, giraffes, cheetahs, and antelopes of different species. How to put the feelings of these meetings in words? Wonder, joy - you have to experience it! 

Day 4

Панорамная дорога Каньон реки Блайд

In the morning we begin our 300 kilometers long journey on the Panoramic route, with stops on the way. Incredible landscapes created by the deep canyon of the Blyde River await us. The first stop - and we change to a boat to admire the canyon from the river. Huge rocks are covered with yellow-green jungle. Wow!

We ride up by car to several observation decks, the most famous of them is called “Three Rondaveli”. From here we see three giant rocks, which in shape resemble the traditional African round houses, known as rondavelies.

The next stop of our guided tour to South Africa is at a very unusual waterfall. For thousands of years, a falling stream of water has washed holes in the rocks, similar to holes in a head of cheese. A very unusual sight! In the evening we will reach the cozy town of Nelspruit, where we will spend the night at the hotel.

Day 5

Порт-Элизабет Пляжи Индийского океана

In the morning we leave for the airport and fly to the ocean - to the city of Port Elizabeth where we will continue our group trip to South Africa. From here we will begin our journey west along the famous Garden Route. But today we will relax. We stay in a remote hotel surrounded by beautiful nature (an hour and a half from the airport).

We walk along a deserted beach, enjoying the power of the Indian Ocean. The water temperature is about 19 degrees Celsius. Refreshing, but you can swim! Those who wish can ride horses along the beach. We will watch the sun drown in the horizon to the serene sound of the waves...

Day 6

Дорога Садов Национальный парк Цицикамма Трек в устье Штормовой реки

We leave for the Tsitsikamma National Park to enjoy a walk to the waterfall, which flows directly into the sea (2.5 hours in both directions). Here you can swim in a natural pool with clear water, walk along the suspension bridges at the mouth of the Storm River. Outdoor enthusiasts can kayak upstream and jump into the cool water from the cliffs. Dare to try yourselve on the world's highest bungee jump from the Bloukrans Bridge? You will jump from a height of 216 meters! We check into the hotel on a beautiful beach.

In the morning we head to see the fur seals. Their colony is located in the Robberg Nature Reserve, where we will walk for about 4 hours. You can get a closer look by going on a boat trip lasting 2-3 hours. You will swim very close to these funny and very curious animals!

If we are lucky, we will see the whales. It is at this time that their migration takes place along the entire southeastern coast of Africa. After lunch, we can visit one or two wildlife conservation centers. One takes care of the birds, the other one is home to monkeys and lemurs.

Day 7

Морские котики и киты Парки птиц и приматов

Our group trip to South Africa takes us along the Garden Route, covering 140 kilometers in a day with stops along the way. The first stop is the town of Knysna, famous for its oysters. They even hold an annual oyster festival. Another local attraction is the Heads of Knysna - two huge hills at the entrance to a fabulously beautiful bay. They are actually ancient fossilized sand dunes.

We drive further and stop in the Wildernes National Park. Here the banks of the river and lakes are covered with dense forest - a paradise for dozens of bird species. You can rent a canoe to see kingfishers, turaks and herons.

In the evening we reach the beach town of Mossel bay. We're just in time for dinner at a popular local seafood restaurant!

Day 8

Головы Найсны Национальный парк Вилдернесс Мосселбай

We'll leave the morning for the lovers of the adventures who want to ride a sandboard from the top of a 170-meter tall dune or test themselves at the world's longest zipline over the ocean. You will fly for 1100 meters! Those who have received an adrenaline rush can relax on the bus while enjoying the views during our 4-hour drive to Cape Agulhas. It is the southernmost point of Africa and the official border between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Let`s walk to the old lighthouse. We see two oceans at the same time!

In 2-3 hours we reach the city of Hermanus, and check into a hotel. In the morning we head to the ocean by boat to meet the whales. In Hermanus we are allowed to get as close as 50 meters, instead of the usual 300! During the migration season from June to November, you can even see different species of whales from the shore.

Divers can get into the cage to watch sharks swimming around. If we are lucky, we will see how the great white shark jumps out of the water, chasing the victim. In the evening we walk around the city, observing local life and savoring seafood.

Day 9 - 10

Сендбординг и зиплайн над океаном Мыс Игольный Киты и большие белые акулы

We leave the hotel early to catch the morning activity in the country's largest colony of African penguins (one hour drive). Observing the morning rituals of these lovely birds, we are surprised to realize that their cries resemble those of a donkey!

Another hour's journey - and we are in a picturesque wine-growing region. We drive through the quiet, oak-lined streets of the town of Somerset West, walk among the Dutch architecture in Stellenbosch, savour famous South African wines, among which Sauvignon Blanc and Pinotage, developed in South Africa, stand out.

We reach Franschouk, the capital of winemaking, which was founded by the French Huguenots in the 17th century. They tried to recreate the atmosphere of France in their winery estates surrounded by vineyards. In one of these luxurious estates, which have now been partially converted into a hotel, we will stay for the night.

Day 11

Колония пингвинов Винодельни и дегустация вин Стелленбош и Франсхук

The Cape Peninsula is home to all the most popular destinations that no South African route can do without. And we saved them for the final days of the trip. During these two days we will drive around the peninsula on scenic roads, visit several cozy coastal villages and towns and walk along the path from Cape Point to the famous Cape of Good Hope. Gaze into the open ocean space, listening to the wind. Do you hear a story about trips of medieval sailors to India, to the mysterious islands of spices?..

Travelers in Cape Town often hesitate which mountain to walk for breathtaking landscapes and perfect photos - Table Mountain or Lion's Head. We will take a cable car to the Table Mountain and hike to the top of the Lion`s head for about 1.5 hours. The views are amazing! Also, we will enjoy out-of-this-world sunsets over the Atlantic, walk through the vivid Bo-Kaap district, where descendants of Muslims from different countries colonized by Britain and Holland live. Last but not least - dinners in restaurants on the cozy V&A Waterfront.

On the morning of the fourteenth day, we say goodbye to the tour leader and fly home from Cape Town or Johannesburg. Our small group trip to South Africa has come to an end. Thank you for exploring with us!

Day 12 - 14

Мыс Доброй Надежды Кейптаун Столовая гора и "Голова Льва"

На Капском полуострове находятся все самые популярные места, без которых не обходится ни один маршрут по Южной Африке. И мы приберегли их на завершающие дни путешествия. За эти два дня мы объедем полуостров живописными дорогами, побываем в нескольких атмосферных прибрежных селах и городках и пройдемся по тропинке от мыса Кейп-Пойнт к историческому мысу Доброй Надежды. Всмотритесь в просторы океана, слушая ветер... Может быть, в порывах ветра вам удастся услышать истории о путешествиях средневековых мореплавателей в Индию и ощутить едва уловимый аромат загадочных островов специй. 

Путешественники в Кейптауне часто колеблются, на которую с двух гор лучше подняться ради умопомрачительных пейзажей и идеальных фото – Столовую Гору или Голову Льва. Мы не выбираем и посетим обе – на Столовую гору поднимемся на канатной дороге, а на вершину Головы Льва дойдем пешком примерно за полтора часа. С обеих гор открываются невероятные виды на город, окружающий его океан и двенадцать скал-«апостолов». 

А еще нас ждут неземные закаты над Атлантикой, прогулка по колоритному району Бо-Каап, где живут потомки мусульман-выходцев из Юго-Восточной Азии и других стран, колонизированных Британией и Голландией, а также ужины в ресторанах на набережной V&A Waterfront.

Утром четырнадцатого дня мы прощаемся с турлидером и вылетаем домой из Кейптауна или транзитом через Йоханнесбург. Наш групповой тур в Южную Африку завершен. Спасибо, что путешествовали с нами!

Tour leader

Is this trip for you?

This trip is of easy physical grade, suitable for people with average health. We will take long walks in cities, marked trails in national parks and reserves (up to 4-5 hours a day), do several easy climbs (maximum 350 meters vertically). We will take four domestic flights and short trips by rented transport with stops in interesting places along the road, as well as boat trips. Accommodation in double/twin rooms of 4* hotels. In the Kruger Park, we might stay in safari tents, where conditions and amenities correspond to 4-5 * hotels.


Citizens of the EU, USA and some other countries can obtain a visa upon arrival.

Citizens of many countries need to obtain a visa at the embassy in the country of residence.

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