+ flight to Delhi and back home
14 days

What you get

Delhi and Rajasthan state
During the entire trip
Professional tour leader - traveler
In the desert
13 nights
Physical grade
Level 1 (easy) out of 5

India. Rajasthan adventure. Raja's palaces and trip to the desert

Rajasthan is known as the most colorful state of India. Here picturesque desert meets ancient cities, unique landmarks and vivid bazaars. 

  • Try the most delicious chicken and flat bread in the Muslim neighborhoods of old Delhi
  • Conquer the main fortresses of India - the Red Fort in Delhi, Amer Fort and Kumbhalgarh in Udaipur 
  • Watch traditional dances and unusual religious ceremonies in Pushkar
  • Ride a boat in the most romantic city of India, Udaipur
  • Explore the famous Palace of the Winds in the capital of the rajas, Jaipur
  • Travel caravan style in the real desert and immerse yourself in traditional local life

Trip code
India. Rajasthan adventure. Raja's palaces and trip to the desert

The price of the trip includes:

  1. All accommodation during the entire trip
  2. All transportation including 3АС class trains (with sleeping benches, sheets and air conditioners), buses, specially rented vehicles and public transportation of all kinds
  3. Food during our stay in the desert
  4. Professional guide, professional desert guide and a cook during our desert trip.

What is NOT included:

  1. Flight to Delhi and from Delhi back home. (Let us know if you need help finding the best deals)
  2. Insurance (mandatory)
  3. Tickets to museums, palaces, forts and other attractions ($75)
  4. Food ($7-12 per person per day)
  5. Indian visa ($25).


16 March, Wed 29 March, Tue
$ 1485
Individual Tour
You can choose your date

Day 1 - 2

Lotus temple Red fort The main mosque of India India Gate

We arrive in Delhi and check into a hotel in the old city. After a short rest, we leave for the famous Bahai's Lotus Temple. Built in 1986 in the shape of a lotus flower, it belongs to the Bahai religion that originated in Iran in the 19th century. This religion is based on the recognition of the equality of all religions and people of all races. Unusual teaching - and a very unusual temple. To get a rest from the heat we head to the Lodi gardens, the favorite park of Delhi`s locals. Also, here we will see tombs of several Islamic rulers of the 15th century. 

Next, we head to the symbol of the country - the India Gate, and then walk along the main boulevard to the area of government buildings. It boasts presidential palace and several monumental buildings of the ministries. But just a few centuries ago, the administrative center of Delhi was located in the Red Fort, which was built under the same ruler Shah Jahan who ordered the construction of Taj Mahal. He transferred his capital to Delhi from Agra in 1638. We explore the fort, examining the banks of the Yamuna River, sophisticated buildings of white marble and mosaics. 

Walking out into the city, we plunge into the most colorful bazaar of old Delhi, Chandni Chowk. The area has changed little since the days of Shah Jahan. Through the bustling shopping streets we walk to the country's main mosque - Jama Masjid. The view of the city from here is amazing! If there is time, in the evening we will go to the cinema to watch the latest Bollywood hit. This is a must-do experience in India!

Day 3

Wind palace Royal palace and observatory Bazaar

In the morning we leave for Jaipur, the capital of the most vibrant Indian state of Rajasthan. After 3 hours we arrive by train in the city and check into the hotel. After lunch we begin our walk in the old center, known throughout the world as the Pink City. Let's start with the legendary Palace of the Winds, built in 1799. You will immediately recognize these small red windows with latticework, because you saw them in so many photos! The palace was part of Zenana - the female half of the royal househol. The windows allowed women to watch what was happening on the main street of the city, while remaining unnoticed from the outside. 

Nearby is the royal palace, where we will see how the local Rajas lived. The family of the former Raja still occupies a small part of this palace, which is closed for visitors. Next, we head to the Jantar Mantar Observatory, built in the 18th century. It boasts the largest sundial, a sun clock in the world! We walk around the old market. Jaipur is famous for its quality silver jewelry, textiles and traditional leather shoes.

Day 4

Jaigarh Fort Nahargarh Fort

Today we will see three fortresses in the vicinity of Jaipur. Let's start with the immense fort Amer, which is located on a mountain above a small lake. Walk into narrow secret galleries, then find yourself in front of marble palaces and gazebos, only to plunge into narrow corridors again. And the views!.. We go down to the small town of Amer and walk along the quiet streets where tourists do not come. 

Then we head to the neighboring Jaigarh Fort, which is connected with the Amer by a secret underground tunnel. This place boasted the center for the production of cannons. The largest cannon on wheels of early modern times is still on display here. 

We walk through the lush inner garden and set off to explore another gem - Nahargarh Fort. It is located above both previous forts and offers stunning views of Japur. Here we will enjoy the most unforgettable sunset.

Day 5 - 6

Holy lake Main temples

We leave for Pushkar (3-5 hours on the way) and check into a hotel overlooking the lake - the main holy site not only of this cozy town, but also one of the main in the country. Hindus believe that this lake was formed during the creation of the world, when the creator of everything that exists - the god Brahma dropped a lotus flower on the ground. 

Hindus come from all over the world to bow to the lake and perform ritual bathing in Pushkar. We will observe these religious ceremonies right on the shores of the lake, as well as visit the main temples of Pushkar. The next day, we go to nearby Ajmer, and then by train we leave for Udaipur (about 6 hours on the way). In the evening we arrive and check into the hotel.

Day 7 - 8

Royal palace Jagdish temple Traditional dances The second largest fort in India Jain temple in Ranakpur

Udaipur is known as the city of seven lakes, and is rightly considered the most romantic city in India. We take a boat ride on the main lake to admire the elegant architecture on the banks and visit the royal palace. Built in the 16th century, it was not finished for almost 400 years - each ruler added his own elements. But the result looks more than impressive! The palace was a shooting place for the thirteenth film about James Bond, Octopussy. 

We are heading to the unusual Jagdish temple in the shape of a pyramid. In the evening we watch a bright show with national dances of Rajasthan. The next day we will visit Kumbhalgarh fort, built back in the 15th century, and known as the second largest fort in India. A few figures: the fortress walls stretch for 36 kilometers, the walls are almost 5 meters thick, and there are 360 temples inside the fort! 

Next, we head to the small town of Ranakpur, which is famous for the huge Jain temple, built of white marble. Watching these patterns of snow-white stone is a real meditation! We get to Jodhpur (about 3-4 hours) and check into a hotel in the center.

Day 9

Umaid Bhawan palace Mandore garden

In Jodhpur, all houses are painted blue, so it is not surprising that it is known as the Blue City. And the bright sarees of local women and the traditional multi-colored turbans of men look fantastic against this background! We will explore these streets, completely immersed in the laid back local life. 

We will also visit one of the most impressive palaces of India, Umaid Bhawan. It was built in 1943 on the orders of rajah of Jodhpur in an unusual mix of Indian and European style. The family of the last rajah still occupies part of the palace, another part is used as an expensive hotel, and the third is open for tourists. We will also visit Mandore Gardens with dozens of tombs of local rulers, which resemble Hindu temples.

Day 10 - 12

Trip to the desert Abandoned village of Kuldhara

We leave for Jaisalmer (5 hours' journey), the Golden City in the middle of the Thar desert, check into a hotel. The old part of the city here is located inside a huge fortress, and people still live in small colorful houses built in the 12th century! We walk along these narrow streets, explore the main temples and meet the sunset at the top, watching the sun flood the city of yellow sandstone with red light. What a view! 

The next day we head to the desert. Here we will ride camels among the endless sands, see how the locals live in harsh conditions with very little water, enjoy an unforgettable sunset and spend the night under the stars by the fire. Feel like nomads of long forgotten times!

In the morning we get to the abandoned village of Kuldhara. People have lived here since the 13th century, but in the 19th century, for unknown reasons, all the inhabitants left the village. We wander around the temples and between the houses, feeling like the discoverers of the abandoned lands ... Later we return to Jaisalmer, have some rest and leave by night bus to Bikaner (7 hours on the way).

Day 13

Bikaner Karni Mata rat temple Camel nursery Junagarth fortress

Early in the morning we arrive in Bikaner and check into the hotel. After some rest we head to perhaps the most unusual temple in India - Karni Mata (about 1 hour on the way). Tens of thousands of rats live here, and are revered as deities. Legend claims that these creatures are relatives of the Hindu saint Karni Mata, who lived in the 14th century. Believers come here from all over the country to feed the rats and make an offering to the temple. 

We will also visit the camel nursery, and those who wish can go to the 15th century Junagarth fortress to discover the amazing palaces. We leave for Delhi by night train (8 hours on the way).

Day 14

Taj Mahal

Early in the morning we arrive in Delhi. Those who wish can take the train to Agra, the old capital, where the world famous Taj Mahal is located (2-3 hours on the way).

On the same day we bid farewell to India and from Delhi fly home.

Tour leader

Yevgeniy Ikhelzon
co-founder, tour leader

Is this trip for you?

This trip is of easy physical grade. It consists of walks in cities and small towns, and a one day long caravan style walk and camel ride in the desert. We will spend one night in comfortable train (with sleeping benches, sheets and air conditioning), one night in a sleeping bus and take several shorter bus and train rides. Accommodation in twin/double rooms of simple comfortable hotels, most of them will have hot water and wi fi internet. One night will be spent in tents in the desert.


Citizens of almost all countries need a visa to enter India. 

Visa can be obtained online or in the embassy prior to the trip.

We provide free visa consulting for our clients. 

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3G mobile internet in India
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Prepaid local sim card with 3GB internet package

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