+ flight to Lima and back home
19 days

What you get

Machu Picchu, Lima, jungles
And domestic flights
Professional tour leader-traveler
To all attractions
17 nights
Physical grade
Level 3 (medium) out of 5

Peru and four days in the jungles of Amazon

Peru is the country that you must visit at least once in your life! Deserts, jungles, mountains, Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu - all this is here! Last but not least - Peruvian cuisine is known as the best on the continent. Ready?

  • Walk on the slopes of the holy city of the Incas, Machu Picchu between the clouds. 
  • Go down to Colca Canyon - one of the deepest canyons in the world. 
  • Ride boats on Lake Titicaca and visit the tribes that live on the water on small islands of reed. 
  • See the giant drawings of the ancient Nazca culture. 
  • Ride a buggy on the dunes and watch a sun go down into the sands of the Atacama Desert. 
  • Spend four days in the wildest jungle of our planet.

Trip code

The price of the trip includes:

  1. Is this trip for you?
  2. This trip is of average physical grade. It includes long (up to 8-9 hours) day and night trips in comfortable buses, three domestic flights, trips in boats and trains. We will also take a walk (4 hours in one direction) with a height change of about 1000 m. This walk can be difficult for people who are prone to altitude sickness. The trip involves changes in climatic conditions and heights - from about 0 to 5,000 m above sea level. Accommodation in tourist class hotels and guesthouses with warm water and wi-fi internet. One night in Kolka canyon will be spent without hot water and, possibly, electricity. 
  3. The price of the trip includes:
  4. Accommodation in hotels, guesthouses and bungalows throughout the trip;
  5. All domestic flights;
  6. All transportation, including buses, trains, leased and public transport, boats; 
  7. Entry tickets to all places of interest mentioned in the itinerary;
  8. Rent of bicycles;
  9. Rafting;
  10. Three meals a day during our stay in the Amazon forests;
  11. Professional guiding services.
  12. To be paid separately:
  13. Flight to Lima and back home;
  14. Insurance (mandatory);Visas;
  15. Food ($15-25 per day).

What is NOT included:

  1. Перелет в Лиму и обратно домой. (Поможем подобрать оптимальные билеты);
  2. Туристическая страховка (обязательно);
  3. Питание ($15-25 в день).


15 October, Fri 02 November, Tue
$ 2691
07 November, Sun 25 November, Thu
$ 2691
23 April, Sat 11 May, Wed
$ 2691
Individual Tour
You can choose your date

Day 1 - 2

Capital Lima Colonial architecture of Barranco district

We arrive in Lima, the capital of Peru, and check into a hotel. After some rest we begin our exploration of the city with a walk on the promenade along the Pacific Ocean. Freshened after the breeze, we are going to the vibrant Barranco district, which is famous for its old Spanish houses and equally bright modern graffiti. It is known as the bohemian center of the city. Our guides here will be local artists who work here. 

We go to the Cherios district on the outskirts of the city. Here we will visit a local family who will teach us to cook the most popular Peruvian dish - ceviche. They cook it in different countries, but the local version is unlike any other! We will walk to the observation deck to admire the views of Lima and the endless ocean. Nothing, but thousands of kilometers of water ahead, right up to Australia!

Day 3

Inca`s capital Cusco The sacred valley of the Incas

In the morning we fly to Cusco. This city at an altitude of 3300 meters above sea level was the capital of the Incas Empore from the 13th century. Without a doubt this is the most amazing city in the country! Walk in the cobbled streets between the old houses that the Spanish colonialists built on the foundations of the Inca buildings. We reach the Cathedral of Santa Domingo, built in the 17th century. Earlier this place was the main temple of the Inca Coricancha, dedicated to the god of the sun ... 

We take a bus to Pisac villages (about 1 hour on the way) passing through the sacred valley of the Incas, which was the center of their civilization. And all thanks to the unique local climate and soils, which allowed to grow the best corn and vegetables. Did we mention local landscapes? Very beautiful! We walk along the ruins of the fortress and visit the sacred stone, to which, according to the beliefs of the Incas, the sun was tied. 

Walk further to the Maras salt mines, a photographer's dream! The entire mountainside is covered with small fenced off pools in which salt has been mined for more than seven hundred years. A very unusual sight! In the evening we go to the town of Ollantaytambo and check into a hotel. 

Day 4 - 5

The city of Inca ruler Pachacuti Thermal springs

In the morning we go to see the ruins near the city. In the 15th century, the royal city of the ninth Inca ruler Pachacuti was located here. Walk between all that remains of the royal palace and courtyards of local residents, we look at the agricultural terraces and granaries. By train we go to Agua Calientes (approximately 2 hours on the way) through the sacred valley of the Incas. We check into the guesthouse and relax in the hot springs.

In the morning we travel to Machu Picchu - the world famous city, the imperial residence of the Inca kings of the 15th century. It existed for less than a hundred years - all the inhabitants of Machu Picchu left after the Spaniards conquered these lands ... For more than 400 years, it was abandoned until in 1911 the pilots accidentally saw the ruins from an airplane. We walk down on the terraces to the ruins of the city, enjoying the views of the mountains covered with greenery from all sides. Below you can see the river. Admire these ruins of palaces and temples, and the famous laying of these structures.

Still impressed, we take the train to Olhaytaytambo (2 hours on the way), and from there in about 2 hours we return to Cusco by bus and check into a hotel.

Day 6

Old capital Cusco Local market

With a local guide we walk in the center of Cusco, explore the secret streets and go to the colorful bazaar. We learn how locals have been salting and drying meat since the times of the Incas, and even drying potatoes. Finally, we will try exotic fruits on the market. And if the avocado and mango already surprise no one, then how about pitahaya, pepino and lucuma?

Take the afternoon to explore the souvenir shops to see or buy silverware and the famous Peruvian cocoa beans. If we have not yet tried the famous Peruvian Lomo Saltado - Cusco is the place! Tender soy-marinated beef is stir fried with onions, tomatoes and spices and served with a bit of rice and potatoes. Did you know that Peruvian cuisine is known as the best on the continent?  

In the evening we take a night bus to Puno.

Day 7

Lake Titicaca Takil island

We arrive in Puno, a small town near Lake Titicaca at an altitude of 3812 meters above sea level. This is the highest mountain lake in the world, used by ships! We leave for the island of Takil, where less than 2 thousand people live in tiny villages. There are no roads and motor vehicles are prohibited. The locals wear unusual costumes with white shirts, and the local men are known not only as first-class fishermen, but also skilled weavers. The fabrics and clothing that are made here are valued throughout the country. 

On boats we head to another part of the lake, where the unique floating islands of the Uros tribe are located. These small, mobile islands were made of reeds that grow on the shores of Titicaca. Legend has it that the Uros fled from the mainland from the persecution of the Incan king and were forced to build their homes on the water. Usually on an island measuring 15 by 15 meters there are several simple huts in which one family lives. We will see an unusual way of life and find out how these people of the lake get food. In the evening we return to Puno, and spend the night in the hotel.

Day 8 - 10

Hot springs Colca canyon

In the morning we take a bus to Chivay (about 5 hours on the way). We have lunch and go to rest in the hot springs. Next morning, we take a public bus to Cabanaconde (2 hours on the way), a village with stunning views of the Colca Canyon. It is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in the USA! Mostly the height of these rocks reaches 1 kilometer! On the way we will stop at the most beautiful viewing decks. 

We descend to the river to the oasis Sangalo (about 3 hours). The views here are breathtaking! We will spend the night in simple houses by the river. This is our favorite spot for stargazing ... In the morning we return to Cabanaconde, and then take the bus to the city of Arequipa (approximately 7 hours on the way). There we check into a guesthouse.

Day 11 - 13

Arequipa city Rafting Nazca images Sunset in Atacama desert

The second largest city in Peru, Arequipa is known as the “white city”. Houses here are built from the stones of a light, almost white color. We will explore the streets of elegant colonial architecture, and admire the views of the three volcanoes - Misti, Chachani and Pichu Pichu. Next morning, we will have an unusual adventure - rafting on the river Chile (II-III class of difficulty, lasting up to 3 hours). We will be guided and trained by a local experienced instructor. Rafting is suitable for beginners, it is not difficult. Vivid impressions guaranteed! 

We rest and go to discover the 16th century Santa Catalina monastery. Here every centimeter breathes with antiquity, and it seems that we did not just enter ancient buildings, but moved back several centuries in time. Next day we go by bus to the city of Nazca (approximately 8 hours on the way) and check into the guesthouse. 

In the morning we will go to the observation deck to look at the most mysterious giant images in the world! The best scientists break their heads trying to understand what the ancient Nazca people meant when they made these huge images of animals, birds and figures on their field.... Those who wish can fly a helicopter over these fields to see everything! 

Next morning we take a bus to Huacachina, an oasis on the edge of the Atacama desert (approximately 3 hours on the way). We walk along the endless sand dunes. Those interested can go down on the sand boards, or learn to ride sand buggies. We watch the sunset and then go to Paracas for the night (1 hour on the way).

Day 14 - 15

Ballestas islands Paracas National Park

On a motorboat we visit the islands of Ballestas (2 hours). Here we will see seals, lions, pelicans, Humboldt penguins and many other animals. Those who wish can go on a bike ride through the Paracas National Park. 

In the morning we take a bus to Lima (4 hours on the way), and from there we fly to Iquitos, the largest city in the Peruvian Amazon. We spend the night in the guesthouse.

Day 16 - 19

Племена Амазонии Прогулки на лодке по реке Охота на пираний

Transfer by private transport to the shores of the Amazon, checking into a lodge. We will visit settlements of the indigenous tribes of Yagua, walk through the jungle of the Pacaya-Samiria National Park, meeting with typical inhabitants of the local forests: anacondas, sloths, parrots, toucans, alligators, turtles, caimans. 

We will also do piranha fishing, see giant trees, take canoe trips and enjoy sunsets on the largest river in the world. 

On the 18th day we will fly back to Lima and check into the hostel. On the last day we fly back home.

Tour leader

Iryna Galiuk
tour guide

Is this trip for you?

Путешествие среднего уровня сложности. Включает длинные (до 8-9 часов) дневные и ночные переезды комфортабельными автобусами, три внутренних перелета, передвижения на моторных катерах и лодках, и один переезд на поезде. Мы также совершим прогулку (продолжительностью 4 часа в одну сторону) с изменением высот примерно 1000 метров над уровнем моря. Эта прогулка может оказаться сложной для людей, склонных к горной болезни. Маршрут предполагает изменение климатических условий и высоты - от около 0 до 5000 метров над уровнем моря. Проживание в отелях и гестхаусах туристического класса со стандартными условиями, теплой водой и wi-fi. Одну ночь мы проведем в каньоне Колька без горячей воды и, возможно, электричества.


Citizens of most countries do not need a visa to Peru.

We provide free visa consulting to our clients. 

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