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+ flight to Windhoek and back home
7 days

What you get

Desert and ocean
During the entire trip
Professional tour leader - traveler
Breakfasts+all food in the desert
6 nights
Physical grade
Level 2 (easy) out of 5

Namibia. The desert and New Year on the Atlantic coast

Spend an unforgettable week in exotic Namibia to part with your stereotypes about Africa and celebrate New Year on a pristine beach with just a few like-minded people. 

  • Follow the footsteps of dinosaurs in the world's oldest desert
  • See 50 shades of pink, meeting sunrise and sunset on the highest dunes of our planet
  • Kayak near thousands of wild fur seals at Pelican Point
  • Celebrate New Year's Eve on the Atlantic Ocean, enjoying fresh seafood
  • Meet women with red hair covered with ochre from the Himba tribe
  • Watch German colonial architecture and learn dramatic history of this very unusual country

Trip code

The price of the trip includes:

  1. Accommodation during the entire trip;
  2. All transportation;
  3. Kayaking at Pelican Point;
  4. Jeep tour of the Sandwich Harbor dunes, lunch with oysters on the dunes;
  5. Entrance tickets to national parks and services of local guides;
  6. Breakfasts in hotels;
  7. Three meals a day in the Namib Desert (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners);
  8. Professional guiding services.

What is NOT included:

  1. Flight to Windhoek and back home;
  2. Insurance (mandatory);
  3. Food (about $30 per day);
  4. Rent of sleeping bags in campsites ($10 per day);
  5. Trip from Swakopmund to Windhoek airport.


Individual Tour
You can choose your date
Доплата за одноместное проживание $70
Доплата за одноместное проживание $70

Day 1

The capital, Windhoek Church of Christ National museum Old fortress

We arrive in the capital of Namibia, the city of Windhoek and check into a hotel. We begin our group trip to Namibia with a walk around the center of this cozy city, which reminds of small, quiet European corners. This is the largest city in Namibia, but it is home to only 300 thousand people! By the way, Namibia itself is the second least populated country in the world. It has only three inhabitants per kilometer square.

We reach the Church of Christ, which looks like a huge gingerbread house. This is the country's main Lutheran church, built by German colonists in 1901. Let`s head to the Old Fortress of 1915. Windhoek as a city began with the construction of this fort, and the first residential buildings were built around it. The fortress has long lost its first functions and now hosts a National museum. We will visit it to learn more about the dramatic history of this unusual country, and the different tribes that make up Namibia. 

By the way, we can see representatives of many tribes right on the streets of Windhoek - they often come to the capital on their own business. Perhaps the most recognizable are women from the Himba tribe. You have seen this hair, covered with red ocher, shoulder straps and goatskin skirts on hundreds of photographs and even on the covers of major world travel magazines. And we will meet them during this guided tour to Namibia!

Day 2 - 3

Namib desert Sunset on Elim dune The tallest dunes in Namibia Sesriem canyon

In the morning we go to the Namib desert - the oldest desert in the world and one of the driest places on our planet. The trip will take about 5 hours. On the way we will stop for lunch in Solitaire village. It is known for traditional meat dishes, and delicious apple pie. We reach the campsite, check in and then drive to the Elim dune to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Sunset in the desert is a very special sight. The sun's rays paint the sand in a reddish color, and it becomes almost bloody. And what a silence! .. 

Back to the campsite for a traditional dinner - a barbecue of several types of juicy meat. Have not we promised that this guided tour to Namibia will be filled with beautiful views and delicious food? We wake up before dawn and go to Dune 45. It is known as the most photogenic dune in the world! Its height is only 80 meters, but the views from the top are amazing! We will walk on the long ridge, watching the sun slowly rise over the endless mountains of red sand. We return to the campsite for lunch, and then head to the highest dunes in Namibia, known as Big Daddy and Big Mama. 

We climb to the top - a considerable 380 meters! Our efforts will be rewarded with out of this world landscapes - hundreds of dry trees, as if from nowhere appeared in the middle of the white dry soil. That's what it means - one of the driest places on our planet!

We go back to the campsite, but on the way we will stop at Sesriem canyon. For many centuries, the wind and water have been shaping these huge boulders. Yes, there is water, but only during one month of the year. We walk along the canyon up to 40 meters in depth, and then return to the campsite.

Day 4 - 5

Colonial architecture of Swakopmund Pelican Point Seafood restaurant Kayaking with wild fur seals

After breakfast we head to Swakopmund by minibus (5 hours on the way) where we will continue our small group trip to Namibia. This small colonial town is located on the Atlantic coast and reminds of German Bavaria - same architecture, beer and traditional sausages. There are still many Germans living in the city - descendants of the first colonialists. We will check into a hotel on the oceanfront, relax on the beach, and enjoy dinner in the popular seafood restaurant. 

In the morning we take a bus to Walvis Bay (40 minutes on the way), the main port of the country. Here we will transfer to SUVs to get to Pelican Point (1 hour on the way). We will drive along the lagoon, where thousands of pelicans, flamingos and cormorants live. This is a real bird's paradise! The cape is home to more than 50 thousand wild fur seals. This beach belongs to them! We will rent kayaks and get closer to them. There are almost no tourists, and seals are very curious creatures. They will approach your kayak, look at you and play in the sand on the shore. Impressed by such an unusual acquaintance, in the evening we return to Swakopmund.

Day 6 - 7

Sandwich Harbor Salt fields Oysters and champagne on top of the dune New Year on the beach

In the morning, we leave for Walvis Bay (40 minutes on the way), transfer to off-road vehicles and continue our way to the salt fields, where one of the world's largest enterprises producing sea salt is located. Here, on the territory of 3500 hectares, 90% of all the sale of South Africa is produced! Some of these salt lakes are bright red. 

We head to Sandwich Harbor, where the Namib Desert merges with the Atlantic ocean. This neighborhood of a huge body of water with the driest desert of the world, has created a unique microclimate. And how about these views? Amazing! Water and sand are two infinities that can be watched forever. We will walk along the dunes, and enjoy lunch of oysters and champagne on top of one of the dunes. 

We return to Swakopmund and celebrate New Year in a popular restaurant on the beach. Next morning after breakfast, we go to Windhoek (5 hours on the way) and fly home. Our group trip to Namibia has come to an end. Thank you for exploring this unique country with us!

Tour leader

Anna Briginets
tour guide
Pavlo Morkovkin
tour leader

Is this trip for you?

This trip is of light physical grade. It includes short walks in cities, the Namib desert and national parks, as well as a two-hours long kayaking. The trip is suitable for beginners in normal physical form. We will be moving around in buses for up to 7 hours and stay in double/twin rooms of tourist class hotels. Two nights will be spent in tents in a camping in the Namib Desert and in Etosha National Park (with hot showers, toilet, electricity and internet on campsites).


Citizens of most countries do not need a visa to Namibia.

We provide free visa consulting for our clients.

Additional options

3G Internet in Namibia
Price: + $25
Sim card of the local mobile operator with 2Gb internet package.

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