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+ flight to Windhoek and back home
12 days

What you get

Desert, beaches, tribes
During the entire trip
Professional tour leader-traveler
Breakfasts and all food in the desert
11 nights
Physical grade
Level 1 (easy) out of 5

Namibia. Tribes, Etosha national park, Namib desert and beaches

African flavor and European comfort. How did the colonists and local tribes manage to create such a unique country? We find the answers during 12 unforgettable days of adventure.

  • Watch all main animals of the African continent up close
  • Kayak near thousands of sea lions at Pelican Point 
  • Enjoy the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and savour fresh seafood
  • Explore ancient cave paintings of bushmen over 5 thousand years old 
  • Climb the highest dunes of the Big Daddy and Big Mom, 380 meters high

Trip code
Namibia. Tribes, Etosha national park, Namib desert and beaches

The price of the trip includes:

  1. Accommodation in double/twin rooms of hotels along the whole route; accommodation in tents in campings;
  2. All transportation, including specially rented transport;
  3. Kayaking on the Pelican Point;
  4. Jeep tour of the dunes on Sandwich Harbor, lunch with oysters and champagne on the dunes;
  5. Entrance fees to national parks and local guide services;
  6. Breakfast in hotels;
  7. Three meals a day in the Namib desert (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners);
  8. Professional guiding services.

What is NOT included:

  1. Fly to Windhoek and back home. (Let us know if you need help finding the best flights);
  2. Insurance (mandatory);
  3. Meals, except the above (about $30 per person per day);
  4. Renting of sleeping bags in campsites ($10 per night).


05 June, Sat 17 June, Thu
$ 2913
Individual Tour
You can choose your date

Day 1

The capital, Windhoek Christ Church The Old Fortress

We arrive in Windhoek and check into a hotel. We go for a walk around the city, which resembles a medium-sized European cities. We reach the main Lutheran church of the country, which was built in 1901 in honor of the truce between the German colonists, the Huguenots and local tribes. Outside, the church resembles a huge gingerbread house. Very unusual look!

We are exploring the oldest building in the city - the Old Fortress, built by German colonists in 1915. Actually, Windhoek started from here, when residential buildings began to appear around the fortress one by one. Now here is the National Museum of the country, where we learn more about the different tribes inhabiting Namibia, their history and the struggle for independence. 

We can meet some representatives of the tribes on the streets of the capital. For example, women from the Himba tribe, whom we immediately recognize by goat skirts and red ocher hair. You have definitely seen them on the pages of magazines about exotic countries!

Day 2 - 3

Namib desert Sunset on Elim dune Sunrise on the Dune 45 The tallest dunes in Namibia Sesriem canyon

In the morning we leave for the Namib Desert (5 hours on the way). On the way we stop for lunch in the village of Solitaire to try the famous local apple pie. We settle in tents in the campsite and go to the dune Elim. Even if you have seen sunsets in the desert before, today's event will be remembered forever! The sand is red here, and in the rays of the sun it becomes bloody ... After dusk we return to the campsite, where a traditional African dinner awaits us - a barbecue of different types of meat. Delicious! 

In the morning we get up before dawn and go to Dune 45. It is often called the most photogenic in the world! We climb along a gentle slope to a height of about 80 meters and walk along a long ridge, watching rising sun flooding the valley below with pink colors. We return to the campsite for lunch, rest, and then visit the highest dunes in Namibia - Big Daddy and Big Momma. Their height is more than 380 meters! We will climb to the top and be rewarded with a completely unearthly landscape - hundreds of dry trees in the midst of lifeless sands. Are we on Mars? 

On the way back to the camp we will stop at the picturesque canyon Sesriem. This is an interesting place of rocks and boulders, which for many centuries hew water and wind. The depth in these places reaches 40 meters. Canyon is filled with water in the summer just a month. We return to the campsite at night.

Day 4 - 5

The city of Swakopmund Walvis Bay Lagoon Kayaking with seals

After breakfast, we take a minibus and go to the city of Swakopmund, on the Atlantic coast (5 hours on the way). It seems that we arrived in the German Bavaria! Interestingly, about 10% of the population of the city today are Namibian Germans - descendants of the first colonizers. And then there are wonderful sandy beaches. We will check into a cozy hotel on the waterfront, enjoy the cool sea and fresh seafood in one of the local restaurants. 

In the morning we take a bus to Walvis Bay (40 minutes on the way), the main port of the country. We ride SUVs along the Walvis Bay Lagoon, watching thousands of pelicans, flamingos, cormorants and other birds. In about an hour we will arrive at Pelican Point, which is home to a 50 - thousand colony of fur seals! We rent kayaks and go to the open sea, closer to the seals. This is one of the most unforgettable experiences of traveling to Namibia! 

If you get closer to the shore, where these animals bask in the sun and lay down their oars, then curious whiskers will immediately surround your kayak. Seals clearly view you with no less curiosity than you - them. On the shore, they are funny lying in the sand and move, clumsily rolling over from side to side. But in the water they are first-class swimmers. Seals can dive to a depth of 300 meters and stay under water for up to an hour! Impressed by the encounter with wild animals in the evening we return to Swakopmund.

Day 6

Salt fields Sandwich Harbor Bay Lunch with oysters and champagne on top of the dune

In the morning, we leave for Walvis Bay by minibus. We are transferring to SUVs and driving along the coast. Along the way we will stop at the salt fields, where the world's largest enterprise for the extraction of sea salt is located. Next we head to Sandwich Harbor Bay. Here the Namib Desert meets the ocean, the dunes go straight into the rough waters. Wonderful contrast! 

We ride SUVs over the dunes, take a walk through the desert and have lunch right on top of the dune with oysters and champagne. We return to Swakopmund, have a rest and have dinner in one of the restaurants on the coast.

Day 7 - 8

Damaraland region Mount Brandberg Rock paintings of the Twyfelfontein valley Organ Pipes cliffs

In the morning we take a minibus to the Damaraland region (3 hours on the way). This is a steppe area where the people of Damara live. We climb to the highest point of the country - Mount Brandberg with the altitude of 2573 meters above sea level. Feel like a pioneer, looking at the caves of the mountains pictures of bushmen, which are more than 3,500 years old. These are figures of hunters and animals, but the most famous drawing is the mysterious White Lady. In one hand, she holds a bow and arrows, in the other, a flower that looks like a lotus. The woman's hair is red. Imagine the amazement of German topographers, who came across this ancient painting in 1920 by accident! 

But the pictures of the bushmen will seem not so ancient when we get into the holy valley of Twyfelfontein. Local tribes used to perform their rituals here, and now the walls of the local rocks are decorated with thousands of rock paintings. The oldest of them is more than 5 thousand years old! We will complete our acquaintance with the region's creation of nature - an overview of the Organ Pipes cliffs. Millions of years ago the volcanic lava froze here, and during the years of erosion, they hewed them into unusual pillars that resemble organ pipes.

Day 9 - 12

Etosha national park Wild animals

In the morning we head to the most famous national park in Namibia - Etosha. This park was created on the site of a dried salt lake. The soil here reminds huge placers of salt. Despite this, there are many families of elephants, giraffe, lions, leopards and other animals, as well as a variety of birds and lizards, in the park. From a close distance, we will observe noisy bathing of elephant families, games of funny little cubs, a watering of the oryx and shy herds of zebras. 

Perhaps, only in such close proximity with wild nature do you realize how little people differ from those who are usually called our smaller brothers. We will spend the night in tents in the campsites, spending the evening by the fire in good company. 

In the morning of the last day we go to Windhoek (5 hours on the way). If there is time, it will be possible to purchase unique souvenirs - statues of ebony wood, original crafts from the Namibian walnut, traditional masks and boots. We fly home, taking with us an unforgettable experience.

Tour leader

Anna Briginets
tour guide

Is this trip for you?

This trip is of easy level of physical activity. It includes short walks in cities, the Namib Desert, national parks, and two-hour kayaking. It is suitable for beginners in normal physical shape. Scheduled daily trips will be lasting up to 7 hours. Accommodation in double/twin rooms in tourist class hotels. All rooms have private bathroom, hot water and wi fi internet. We will spend four nights in tents at a campsite in the Namib Desert and in Etosha National Park. The campsite will have a hot shower, toilet, electricity and internet.


Citizens of most countries do not need a visa to Namibia.

We provide free visa consulting services for our clients. 

Additional options

3G Internet in Namibia
Price: + $25
Sim card of the local mobile operator with 2Gb internet package.

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