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Ликийская тропа
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Профессиональный турлидер-путешественник
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Lycian way trek in Turkey. Western route

We will walk in the most beautiful places in Turkey in the spring! What could be nicer? We will see the ruins of ancient Greek cities, visit authentic illages lost in the mountains, enjoy famous beaches, and wild nature. This beauty will take your breath away!

  • Enjoy the most beautiful beaches of Turkey - in Oludeniz Bay, in Antalya, on Patara Beach and in absolutely wild paradise spots
  • Follow the footsteps of the ancient Greeks and touch the ruins of Sidima, Xanthos, Apollonia and explore the underwater city 
  • Walk in the hometown of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Myra, where the saint was born in the 3rd century
  • Spend nights in a thousand star hotel under an open free sky

Trip code
Lycian way trek in Turkey. Western route

The price of the trip includes:

  1. Accommodation in a hostel in Antalya on the day of arrival.
  2. Camping in Oludeniz.
  3. Three meals a day (dry rations for lunch) during a hike along the Lycian trail.
  4. Fire and kitchen equipment.
  5. Professional guiding services.

What is NOT included:

  1. All bus rides (20-30$)
  2. Entrance fees to attractions (20$)
  3. Travel insurance (mandatory);


03 October, Mon 12 October, Wed
$ 365
Individual Tour
You can choose your date

Day 1 - 2

Antalya Historic Kaleici district Lycian tombs

We arrive in Antalya and take a bus to the historical part of the city - the Kaleici district. We are in the heart of the colorful sea town, where every corner breathes with antiquity and unusual stories. Explore these narrow historical streets, and enjoy the city beach. In the evening we will have dinner at a local restaurant. Next morning after breakfast we go to the city of Fethiye by bus (approximately 4 hours on the way). From here we go to the ruins of the ancient city of Myra, which existed from the 5th century BC. It boasts Lycian tombs carved into the rocks. These are the graves of local noble citizens which resemble small Greek temples. We also walk through the ancient amphitheater. 

Along the forest road we leave to the abandoned village of Kayakoy. After a few kilometers we arrive at the spot where we will spend the night, just 2 km away from the fantastic in its beauty Oludeniz Bay. We will set up the tents and go to the Oludeniz village in the bay. In recent years, the village has become popular among paragliders. Their multi-colored domes land right on the seafront. The atmosphere of the festival reigns in the sky. You can have dinner at the local cafe, or returning for dinner to the camp. 

Total walking distance per day: 11 km. The ascend is about 350 m.

Day 3

Village of Ovachik Slopes of Babadag mountain

After breakfast in the camp we go up to the village of Ovachik. Then we go to the famous Lycian arch, symbolizing the beginning of the Lycian path. We walk along the slope of the mountain Babadag (Father-mountain), enjoying magnificent view of the Oludeniz Bay. Paragliders sail overhead in the sky. They started from the top of Babadag mountain and will soon land on the Oludeniz seafront. 

We walk along the springs and water tanks that accumulate water. On the left rise the harsh slopes of Mount Babadag. Occasionally, you can hear stones pouring on the slopes. We stop for the night near the spring. 

Total walking distance per day: 13 km. Ascend is about 400 m.

Day 4

Village of Faralya Valley of the Butterflies

In the morning we go to the village of Faralya. Two kilometers from the village there is a fabulous lagoon - the Valley of the Butterflies. But getting there is not that easy. The descent runs along a rocky slope with a total height drop of about 300 meters. If you are afraid of heights, you can wait for a group in the village of Faralya, where we will leave our backpacks in a small restaurant.

Due to its inaccessibility, the bay has retained its amazing atmosphere. Capital buildings are not allowed here. Therefore, you can see a few light designs - small cafes. We will walk in the bay and swim in the ocean, and then return along the same path to Faralya. We continue the path and descend to the bay on the outskirts of the village of Kabak, where we set up our camp. 

Total walking distance per day: 13 km. Ascend 600 m.

Day 5 - 6

Руины античного поселения Сидима Подножие горы Кара-даг

The road goes along the slope of the gorge, which is located at the foot of the mountain Kara-Dag. Having overcome the short pass, we will begin the transition to the village of Alyndzha. The trail is very beautiful. It winds among the trees and rocky massifs, now and then leading out onto specific grounds with a stunning panorama of the Mediterranean coast. Passing the picturesque villages of Alindzha and Bogazichi, we go to the mountain Avankar-tepe. On her spur will be our next overnight stay. 

Total walking path per day: 11 km. Ascend 400 m. 

Not far from our camp are the ruins of the ancient settlement of Sidima. Previously inaccessible, they were hidden from the eyes of a mass tourist. But relatively recently, authorities built a road here. Historians know little about Sidima. Looks like it used to be a small settlement. But the study of it makes it difficult for the fact that the village of Dodurg was built over the ancient settlement. The ancient necropolis is preserved the best. After a few kilometers of dirt road leads us to the village of Bel. Then, having crossed a small rocky ridge, we begin to descend to the sea in a stunning bay, where we will spend the night.

Total walking path for the day is 15 km. Ascend 400 m.

Day 7 - 8

Пляж Патара Развалины античного города Ксантос

We go up to a simple pass and enjoy a magnificent view of Patara Beach. This is one of the most picturesque and long (17 kilometers!) beaches in Turkey. The town of the same name - Patara - is also known as the birthplace of St. Nicholas, who was born here in the 3rd century. On the way we will explore the ancient Roman fortress Pydnai and descend to the sea on the beach Kara-dere (Patara). Then we move on to the ruins of a huge ancient city - Xanthos. 

After seeing the city, we will take a bus, and move to Kas - a town located on the Mediterranean coast. If you wish, we can eat in one of the local cafes. After purchasing the products, we continue our journey and in a couple of hours we will find ourselves in a cozy bay. We spend the night at the seaside. 

Total walking path per day: 16 km. Ascend 400 m. 

We plung into the forest, and then walk to small beaches to swim and rest. The route of this day will not be difficult, but interesting. Short ascents are replaced by descents. We are surrounded by volcanic rocks, which give the landscape a special uniqueness. Lava fragments are also found in bays. The route of this day takes us far from villages. We are surrounded by rocks, forest and sea. For the night we will stay in the Izyum next to the spring. 

Total walking path per day: 13 km. Ascend 250 m.

Day 9

Античный город Аполлония

Утром мы перейдем к началу села Богазчик и от него к античному городу Аполлония. Некоторые постройки датируются V веком до нашей эры. Внутри города можно увидеть развалины театра, церквей и терм. Ликийский город Аполлония стоит вдали от главных туристических дорог и здесь не встретишь толп туристов. По-пути к следующему античному поселению нас ждет спуск к морю и купание. Оставшуюся часть пути, к нашему ночлегу, за дополнительную плату можем преодолеть на моторной лодке. Рыбацкий дом, где находятся катера, находится как раз на нашем пути в одной из бухт. Добравшись до живописного селения Учагыз ставим лагерь на его окраине.

10 км. Набор высоты 450 м.

Day 10

Underwater ancient city The town of Myra Lycian tombs

Неподалеку от нашего лагеря на невысоком холме раскинулся Кале или Симена - город древних ликийцев. История города началась с IV века до нашей эры. После землетрясения часть города ушла под воду, что создает дополнительный интерес у туристов. Ведь с высоты холма достаточно неплохо видны образы саркофагов, гробниц и колонн. А у подножия холма можно наткнуться на раскопки античных бань. При желании можно отправиться на небольшую экскурсию на катере с прозрачным дном, чтобы осмотреть гробницы, затопленные водой. 

В Учагызе мы пересядем на маршрутное такси, которое привезет нас в Демре. Оказывается, город знаменит еще и тем, что он считается родиной Святого Николая, того самого, что приносит нам подарки. В Демре мы посетим древний ликийский город Мира, который существовал еще в 5 веке до нашей эры и церковь Святого Николая Чудотворца. От старинных времен тут сохранились высеченные в скалах Ликийские гробницы - захоронения местных знатных граждан. Мы также прогуляемся по старинному амфитеатру. На автобусе отправляемся в Анталию (3 часа в пути). Вечером мы приезжаем в Анталию и вылетаем обратно домой.

Tour leader

Marat Pavlenko
tour leader

Is this trip for you?

This trip is of average level of physical activity. It is suitable for people with normal health, special physical skills are not required. Every day we will walk an average of 15 km., With a total ascend from 50 to 300 meters. We will be spending nights in tents, We will eat food cooked in the campsite and on the fire. If you want to rent a tent, please let us know in advance.


Citizens of almost all countries do not need a visa to Turkey. 

We provide free visa advice to clients.

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