+ flight to Bishkek and back home
9 days

What you get

Bishkek, villages, mountains
During the entire trip
Professional tour leader-traveler
in the mountains
8 nights
Physical grade
Level 3 (medium) out of 5

Horseback tour in Kyrgyzstan. Mountains, yurts, hot springs and Issyk-Kul lake

The mountains are calling! We will ride through the most beautiful places of untouched wildlife, see the life of real nomads and breathe in the incredible air of freedom. 

  • Enjoy the views of the Tien Shan glaciers and alpine meadows 
  • Visit small mountain villages and shepherd's yurts to plunge into the life of nomads 
  • Bathe in the hot springs of Jyly-Su, which locals consider healing
  • Take a walk along the shore of the famous Issyk-Kul lake, which does not freeze even in winter
  • Fish in the cleanest mountain lakes and cook your catch on the fire

Trip code

The price of the trip includes:

  1. All transportation
  2. Horse rental
  3. Accommodation throughout the trip, including hotels, yurts and tents
  4. Breakfast at hotels in Bishkek and Bokonbaevo
  5. Three meals a day during our stay in the mountains
  6. Professional guiding services.

What is NOT included:

  1. Flight to Bishkek and back home. (Let us know if you need help finding the best deals)
  2. Insurance (mandatory)
  3. Lunches and dinners during our stay in cities
  4. Riding helmet and gaiters
  5. Visa to Kyrgyzstan (if you need one).


06 July, Wed 14 July, Thu
$ 1102
Individual Tour
You can choose your date

Day 1

Bishkek Ala-Too square Osh bazaar

We arrive in Bishkek, check into a hotel and go for a walk around the city. We will visit the main Ala-Too square, with a large monument to the national hero Manas. It was on this square that all the famous Kyrgyz protests and revolutions took place. We walk to perhaps the most authentic place of the capital - Osh bazaar. You do not have to buy, but there is a lot to look at! For example, you can try local alcohol bozo from fermented millet, try horsemeat and enjoy traditional manti with different fillings. 

In the evening we go to the most popular restaurant of Kyrgyz cuisine. Here in traditional yurts we will enjoy the most delicious dishes of nomads - beshbarmak meat, buns with sour cream boorsok, rich lagman with noodles, and juicy lamb.

Day 2

Jer-Kechkyu village Tuyuk-Tor high mountain pasture

In the morning, we ride cars to the place where the horse tour begins in the village of Jer-Kechkyu (4 hours on the way). In the village we meet our horses and begin our horseback ride along the picturesque valley. We go up the dirt road to the high mountain pasture Tuyuk-Tor. Locals take their cattle here every spring and graze them until the fall, while they themselves live in yurts. When the weather gets cold in autumn, the nomads return to the village and take their animals back. 

The landscape around us is gradually changing - alpine meadows replace forests. The grass here is emerald green, with many wild flowers. And the air! City people never breathe anything like it. In the evening we settle in a yurt of local shepherds, or in a tent. During the day we ride about 13 km (4-5 hours). For the first time we fall asleep among untouched nature, listening to the silence around us. After a busy day, do not to forget to lie under the stars. This show is amazing!

Day 3

Zhalakbel pass “Black Swamp” lake

We have breakfast we saddle our horses and ride to the Zhalakbel pass 3500 meters above sea level. The view from here is magnificent! We watch the glaciers surrounding us from all sides, enjoy crispy mountain air. And what a feeling of freedom! Not surprisingly, the Kyrgyz began to live settled only a hundred years ago. And many live like nomads even now! 

Our path goes along the wide valley of Kara-Saz. We ride our horses along the lake, which locals call the “Black Swamp”. Not far from this place is our next camp. Local guides always have fishing equipment, so those who wish can go fishing on the lake. In the evening we will settle in a yurt of local shepherds or in a tent. During the day we will ride about 18-20 km (5-7 hours)

Day 4 - 5

Kara-Saz valley Toguztoro Pass Teshik-Kul lake

After breakfast with the shepherds in the yurt, we continue our journey along the Kara-Saz valley. Everywhere we are surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Tien Shan, as a constant reminder of the eternal. Yes, here you feel tiny! We reach the Karakaman River and the bridge with our camp near by. We settle in a yurt of local shepherds or in a tent. During the day we will ride horses about 18-20 km (5-7 hours). 

The next morning we head to the Toguztoro Pass. After lunch, we reach the Teshik-Kul lake 3500 meters above sea level. Here you can also go fishing and cook the caught fish on fire. Teshik-Kul is a typical mountain lake, divided into two parts, which are located at different heights and are interconnected by a waterfall. The water here is milky blue, opaque due to the high content of various minerals. We admire the view of the mountain glacier, which does not melt even in summer, and the mountain plains at its foot. We are accommodated in a yurt of local shepherds or in a tent on the lake. During the day we will ride horses for about 13-16 km (4-5 hours).

Day 6

Hot springs Jily-Su

Almost every day we cross the terrain called syrty. These are high-mountainous summer pastures that the Kyrgyz nomads have been using for centuries to graze their livestock: sheep, horses and cows. Today will be a simple day. From Lake Teshik-Kul we will go down in two hours to the valley of the Jily-Su river. And we will set up a camp near the house of the caretaker of the hot springs. 

Jily-Su is a natural hot spring that hits from under the ground. By this day, everyone will get a little tired. Therefore, a hot pool with a temperature of +40 Celsius will be very welcome. It will probably be too hot for swimming but we can enjoy the water for a little while. Jily-su translates as "hot water." Locals believe that these waters are healing! Our camp will be next to the bustling river, which has the same name as the hot spring. We will settle in the house, yurt or tent. During the day we ride for 5-6 km (2 hours). 

Day 7 - 8

Ton Ashoo pass Herds of wild animals Mountain villages

In the morning we continue our ride along the serpentine road to Ton Ashoo pass 4020 meters above sea level. A magnificent panorama of two mighty glaciers opens from here, and behind them one can see the Naryn region - the highest mountain region of the country with the lowest population density. We get down from the windy pass, have lunch and continue our descent to the Ashuu Ter gorge. We spend the night at an altitude of 3600 meters above sea level. Here you can see grazing herds of mountain goats, and if we are lucky, the famous snow leopard, which has become a very rare species. During the day we will ride horses for 15-17 km (5-6 hours). 

The next day we continue the descent and go to the Kokbulak plateau 3250 meters above sea level. Here the so-called Lower valley with tiny villages is located. We pass to the village of Tura-Suu and further to the village of Bokonbaevo. We will spend the night in a guest house. During the day we will ride for 18-20 km (5-7 hours).

Day 9

Saline Tuz-Kel lake Issyk Kul lake

In the morning we ride cars to the saline Tuz-Kel lake, which lies behind high dunes. After swimming in the healing waters, we reach the famous Issyk-Kul Lake, one of the deepest lakes on our planet! We admire the crystal smoothness, drawn into the frame of the Tien Shan mountain ranges. The name of the lake translates as "hot lake". Although in the district the temperature drops below zero Celsius in winter and all lakes get covered with ice, the Issyk-Kul remains without ice cover all year round. The Chinese call this lake "Je-Hai" - "warm sea". 

We get to Bishkek (4 hours on the way), then the airport and fly back home.

Tour leader

Marat Pavlenko
tour leader

Is this trip for you?

This trip is of average physical grade. It is suitable for people in normal physical shape who have some riding experience. We will rade horses for 15-20 kilometers each day. The highest altitude that we will reach is just over 4,000 meters above sea level. We will spend one night in the hotel, one in the guest house, and other nights in shepherd's yurts or in tents. During our stay in the mountains we will have three meals each day - breakfast, field ration food for lunch and hot dinner, cooked on the fire.


Citizens of many countries do not need a visa to enter Kyrgyzstan.

Citizens of countries who need a visa should apply in the country of residency before the trip.

We provide free visa consulting for clients.

Additional options

3G mobile internet in Kyrgyzstan
Price: + $20
Prepaid local sim card with unlimited internet for 14 days

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