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+ flight to Nairobi and back home
14 days

What you get

Wild animals, cities and villages
During the entire trip
Professional tour leader - traveler
To all attractions
13 nights
Physical grade
Level 2 (easy) out of 5

Kenya. Beaches, safari and cities

We go to the equator - to Kenya, the land of the most famous national parks and white sand beaches. Amazing wildlife, main cities and acquaintance with a very authentic life. This adventure will be unforgettable!

  • See zebras, lions, elephants and many other animals up close in three national parks. 
  • Visit Masai villages to see the unusual life and participate in the famous warrior dance.
  • Relax on the beautiful Diani beach with white sand and turquoise water.  
  • Walk through the narrow streets of the ancient town of Lamu. Transportation is prohibited here, and locals move around on donkeys. 
  • Conquer Longonot volcano, which boasts unique ecosystem with wild animals. 
  • Feed giraffes in the nature reserve and visit the baby elephants orphanage to support cubs orphaned by poachers.

Trip code

The price of the trip includes:

  1. Four domestic flights
  2. All transportation including buses, boasts, taxi and public transportation
  3. Accommodation during the entire trip
  4. Tickets to all national parks
  5. Safari game drives in all national parks
  6. All food in national parks
  7. Professional guiding services.

What is NOT included:

  1. Flight to Nairobi and from Nairobi back home;
  2. Visa to Kenya ($52);
  3. Insurance (mandatory);
  4. Food ($50-60 per person per day).


08 November, Sun 21 November, Sat
$ 2893
Individual Tour
You can choose your date

Day 1 - 2

Nairobi national park Carnivore restaurant Riding boats on Naivasha lake

We arrive in Nairobi and check into a hotel. Our group trip to Kenya begins here. Here you do not need to get far from the capital to see animals in the wild! We go to the Nairobi National Park, home to the most unusual spectacle - giraffes, herds of zebras, elephants, rhinos - against the backdrop of skyscrapers of a huge metropolis. Yes, the city is very close, but animals do not seem to mind.

We observe the most popular inhabitants of the African continent close by, and then return to Nairobi for dinner in the famous Carnivore restaurant. Open since 1980 it is known for its delicious barbecue from different kinds of meat. 

In the morning we go to the lake Naivasha (2.5 hours on the way). This is a large freshwater lake near a huge Longonot volcano. We will ride boats on the lake, watching hippos and exotic birds and admiring the views of the Great Rift Valley. We will also walk on the islands to see wildebeest, zebras and giraffes. In the evening we check into a hotel near the lake.

Day 3

Longonot volcano

Early in the morning we begin our walk to the Longonot volcano (about 1 hour walk). We reach the crater and find that it is green inside! Just hundreds years ago, red lava was burning here. It now turned to the emerald green forest full of zebras, giraffes and even buffaloes. 

We will walk around the crater (about 3 hours walk), enjoying incredible views. In the evening we return to Nairobi (approximately 2.5 hours on the way) and continue our guided tour to Kenya.

Day 4 - 5

Elie Springs village Central Island National Park

In the morning we fly to Lodwar and take a car to the shore of Lake Turkana (1.5 hours on the way). We check into a hotel near the picturesque village of Elie Springs and continue our guided tour to Kenya. Here, near the sources of fresh water in simple clay houses several thousand people live. Their life has changed little over the past century - they keep cattle and cook food on the fire. 

But this typical Kenyan village is the cradle of human civilization! It was here that scientists found remains of Homo sapiens ancestors, which date back more than 300 thousand years. They are know kept in the Museum of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. 

We will stay in a picturesque hotel next to the village, observe very authentic life and get to know locals families. In the morning we take a speed boat to Central Island National Park. This is a chain of dozens of volcanoes and lakes that fill their craters. Imagine  volcanoes with lakes inside in the middle of the picturesque Turkana lake... We will see the most picturesque lakes with crocodiles and flamingos. In the evening we go back to our hotel near Elie Springs.

Day 6 - 7

Amboseli National Park Views of Mount Kilimanjaro Village of Masai tribe

Early in the morning we leave for Lodwar (1.5 hours), and fly to Nairobi. We head to Amboseli National Park (up to 4 hours on the way) and check into the camp near the park. Next morning we go to Amboseli National Park on a safari. We will see families of elephants, lions, zebras and many other animals. All this - against the background of the snow-capped peak of Africa’s highest point, Mount Kilimanjaro! 

How to describe feelings when you look into the eyes of a lion relaxing on the yellow grass, with the huge mountain covered with snow looming behind him? You just have to see this! We head to the Masai village - the settlement of perhaps the most famous people of Africa. We will walk into authentic huts, and see the life of these people in bright clothes. And how about their world-famous traditional dance of warriors? Masai believe that a young man can not be considered a man, if he can not prove his strength in this dance. Are you ready to participate?

Day 8 - 9

The city of Mombasa Diani Beach

Early in the morning we leave for the main port of the country - the city of Mombasa (6-7 hours on the way). We walk through the old town, and then go to the best beach of the coast - Diani Beach (1.5 hours on the way). We check into the hotel on the beach and enjoy one day of rest. Swim in the clear water of the warm ocean, admire the jungle views and clean white sand. 

If you did not know that the best beaches in Africa are located in Kenya, then you will be more than pleasantly surprised!

Day 10

The ancient town of Lamu Riding boats in the mangroves

In the morning we fly to Lamu, a picturesque town on the coast where we will continue our small group trip to Kenya. It is known as the city of donkeys. All transport here is prohibited, and the goods and people move through the narrow medieval streets only on donkeys. There are thousands of them here! We check into the hotel and explore cozy narrow streets, observing the unhurried loca life. 

We pass by the new hospital in the Arab style, shops, bazaars, city hall and mosque. In the evening we ride a boat through the mangroves where the sea meets the wild jungle. Enjoy the fresh air, the sounds of pristine nature and watch the sun go down.

Day 11 - 13

Maasai Mara National Park

After lunch we fly to Nairobi and next morning head to the Maasai Mara National Park (6-7 hours on the way). We check into a hotel next to the park. Early in the morning we go on a safari in the park, known as the iconic sight of Kenya. Every Kenyan you will meet, from hotel workers to fishermen will definitely ask you about your impressions of Maasai Mara. And you will have an answer!

Here on the vast territory of the grassy savanna with acacia thickets live all the main animals of the Black Continent. The park boasts the largest prides of lions in the world, consisting of 29 individuals, and the local leopard population is the largest in the world. Rare black rhinos, endangered species of cheetahs, huge herds of antelopes of all kinds ... We will observe the joys and sorrows of these wild animals up close, and admire pristine nature. This is how the cradle of humanity looked like before we arrived!..

On the last day after the morning safari, we return to Nairobi (6-7 hours on the way) and check into a hotel.

Day 14

Giraffe manor Baby elephants orphanage

We leave for the famous Giraffe manor, a unique nursery, where since 1979, endangered species of giraffes have been bred. We wll have breakfast in the British-style mansion, and share our food with giraffes who like to look into the open windows on the second floor! 

We head to the nursery for orphaned elephants. Activists of this institution raise elephants, whose parents were killed by poachers. You can see these small playful animals when the nursery workers bottle feed them. Then elephants will be playing with each other right next to us! 

We return to the city, visit the shops of local artisans, have dinner and fly back home. Our group trip to Kenya has come to an end. Thank you for exploring with us!

Tour leader

Pavlo Morkovkin
tour leader

Is this trip for you?

This trip is of light physical grade. It includes walks in cities, towns and villages, safari game drives and walking up the volcano for 1 hour with 3-4 hours walk around the crater. We will move around in buses, take four short domestic flights. Accommodation in double/twin rooms of tourist class hotels. In national parks we will stay in comfortable campings with beds, showers and other amenities. Almost everywhere we will have hot water and wi fi internet.


Citizens of almost all countries need a visa to Kenya. Visa can be obtained online or on arrival in Nairobi. 

Visa costs $52.

We provide free visa consulting for our clients. 

Additional options

3G mobile internet in Kenya
Price: + $15
Sim card of local mobile provider with 5 Gb of internet

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