+ flight to Amman and back home
11 days

What you get

History and unique nature
During the entire trip
Professional tour leader - traveler
In the desert
10 nights
Physical grade
Level 1 (easy) out of 5

Jordan. Two seas, desert, ancient forts and Petra

Two seas, deserts, mountains, the most ancient churches in the world, lost cities - Jordan has it all. Add the famed Middle Eastern hospitality and delicious food - and your dream journey is ready!

  • Spend two days in the legendary Petra exploring the unique Pink City
  • Relax on the Dead Sea and explore the unique underwater world of the Red Sea
  • Discover the biblical Nebo mountain to admire the view of Israel
  • Feel like a fearless warrior of the past in the crusader fortresses lost in the desert
  • Spend an unforgettable night in the desert in a real Bedouin camp

Trip code
Jordan. Two seas, desert, ancient forts and Petra

The price of the trip includes:

  1. Accommodation throughout the trip
  2. All transportation during the trip
  3. Wadi Rum Desert 2 Day Tour
  4. Three meals a day in the Wadi Rum desert
  5. Professional guiding services

What is NOT included:

  1. Flight to Amman and back home. (Let us know if you need help finding the best deals)
  2. Insurance (mandatory)
  3. Visa ($56. Free upon purchase of Jordan pass - a single ticket to Petra, Wadi Rum, fortresses and some museums)
  4. Food ($20-35 per day)
  5. Entrance fees to museums and other points of interest along the route (approximately $ 100)
  6. Rent of snorkeling equipment ($8-10 per day) and diving.


04 November, Thu 14 November, Sun
$ 1350
Individual Tour
You can choose your date

Day 1

Madaba Map of Madaba Roman ruins and Christian churches

We arrive in Amman and begin our group trip to Jordan. We head to the most Christian city of Jordan - Madaba (about half an hour on the way). This city is also called a mosaic city because of the large number of ancient mosaics that have been preserved from all times - from ancient Greek to Islamic. We check into a hotel and go out for a walk around the city. 

We begin in the Orthodox Church of St. George of the 19th century, which is famous for the Map of Madaba - a huge floor mosaic of the 6th century. This is the oldest map of the Holy Land in the world! Next we head to the Church of St. John the Baptist, in which the ruins of an ancient temple were recently opened, on the foundation of which a Christian church was later built. 

In the evening we set off to try the most popular local dish, mansaf. This is juicy lamb, served with rice, nuts and dried fruits. For dessert, be sure to try knafe - sweets from cheese dough and aromatic syrup.

Day 2

Jerash ancient ruins Dead sea

In the morning we leave for Jerash (an hour and a half on the way). On the way, we will drop into Ajloun fort - the ruins of a 12th century crusader fortress. Here we will feel like warriors of antiquity, and enjoy stunning views of the valleys of the northern part of the country. 

We arrive in Jerash - a city famous for its grandiose ancient ruins, which for many centuries have been hidden under a thick layer of sand and soil after several earthquakes. We walk among the ruins, and after lunch we head to the Dead Sea. Here we will swim, try the famous healing mud and relax. In the evening we return to Madaba.

Day 3

Road of the kings Kerak castle Nebo mount Wadi Mujib reserve

In the morning, we continue our small group trip to Jordan and head to the settlement near Jordan's most famous landmark, Petra. We will take the legendary road of the Kings, an important trade route of the Middle East that extends from Syria to Egypt. On the way we will stop near the Nebo Mountain, mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as the place where Moses was granted a view of the Promised Land.Sky. We walk to the top of the mountain and enjoy views of Israel. 

Next, we stop at the Wadi Mujib Reserve. This river, known in the Bible as Arnan, originates in the mountains of Gilead and then, twisting between strange rocks, flows into the Dead Sea. The next stop is near the grand Kerak castle built in the 12th century by the crusaders at a strategic height. It did not succumb to conquerors until the 19th century! We walk the fortress, enjoy the magnificent view of the Dead Sea. In the evening, we arrive in our hotel near Petra. 

Day 4 - 5

Petra, the Pink city

In the morning, before the arrival of crowds of tourists, we set off to explore one of the new wonders of the world - Petra, or the Pink City. We walk through the narrow canyon Siq between steep cliffs - and suddenly we find ourselves in front of the Treasury - a huge building with a facade carved of pink rock. This amazing city, which later became the capital of the Nabatean kingdom, was founded around the 4th century BC at the intersection of two trade routes. Caravans loaded with spices stopped here to rest and contributed to the heyday of the Bedouin city.

But everything changed when the Romans opened the sea trade routes to the east - Petra gradually fell into decay. Just think - for many centuries this amazing city was completely abandoned, only a few hundred simple Bedouins lived here! We will spend two days in Petra discovering all hidden treasures and admiring the most famous places and the best viewing platforms.

Day 6

Wadi Rum desert Bedouin camp Traditional zarb dinner

In the morning we continue our guided tour to Jordan and go to the Wadi Rum desert (approximately 2 hours on the way). We drive along a picturesque road, enjoying the views of the endless sands. The local beauties impressed many directors - here they shot dozens of films from Lawrence of Arabia to Star Wars and Transformers. 

We transfer to SUVs and set off to explore Martian landscapes. In the evening we arrive at the traditional Bedouin campground. Here we will enjoy a traditional zarb - a Bedouin dinner of meat cooked on a fire. Let`s admire the endless starry sky, the bonfire and a glorious night!

Day 7 - 9

Aqaba Aqaba fortress Beaches of the Red sea

In the morning we leave for Aqaba on the Red Sea coast (about 1 hour on the way) where we will continue our guided tour to Jordan and check into the hotel. We will spend three days enjoying the sea and exploring the unique underwater world. Discover corals of various colors and shapes, flocks of amazing fish, as well as dolphins and sea turtles. Those who wish can take diving lessons.

We will also visit the Aqaba fortress, built by the crusaders in the 12th century. In 1916 the fort was the headquarters of Thomas Edward Lawrence, the famous British spy who became the prototype of James Bond. He led the uprising of the Arabs against the Ottoman Empire and in July 1916 triumphantly left the fortress of Aqaba to Cairo to report on the success of the operation.

Day 10 - 11

The capital, Amman Citadel Roman theater Rainbow street

We leave for Amman, the capital of the country (about 4-5 hours on the way) and check into a hotel. After some rest let`s set off to explore the ruins of ancient times - the ancient Citadel and the remains of the Roman theater. We will spend the evening on the colorful Rainbow Street - the main street of the old city, known for many historical buildings, famous restaurants and pubs. 

The next day we go to the airport and fly home. Our group trip to Jordan has come to an end. Thank you for traveling with us!

Tour leader

Ulyana Kuidych
tour leader

Is this trip for you?

This trip is of easy physical grade. It includes long walks in cities and in nature and short transfers by rented transport up to 5 hours. Accommodation in double/twin rooms (sometimes, possibly triple). Each room will have its own bathroom with hot water and Wi Fi internet. During our stay in the desert, we will spend the night in a camp for 4-5 people in special tents with beds. Hot shower will be available in the camp.


Citizens of almost all countries need a visa to Jordan.

A visa is obtained at the airport after arrival and costs approximately $56. You do not need to pay for a visa if you buy Jordan pass for $100 - a single ticket that gives you the right to enter Petra, fortresses and many museums. 

We provide free visa advice to clients.

Additional options

3G mobile internet in Jordan
Price: + $15
Local prepaid sim card with 2GB internet package

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