+ flight to Yogyakarta and back home from Bali
10 days

What you get

Volcanoes and beaches
During the entire trip
Professional tour leader - traveler
To all domestic flights
9 nights
Physical grade
Level 2 (light) out of 5

Java and Bali. Heart of Indonesia

Spend ten days in the heart of the Malay archipelago to soak up unique culture, life and exotic nature of the two main islands of Indonesia. We begin in the cultural capital of Yogyakarta, and plunge into real adventures! 

  • Walk in one of the largest palaces in the world, Kraton, where 20 thousand servants lived
  • Explore the world famous Buddhist and Hindu shrines of Borobudur and Prambanan 
  • Meet the unforgettable sunrises among the unearthly landscapes of Bromo and Ijen volcanoes 
  • Raft on the fabulous Ayung River in Bali
  • Jump into the turquoise water of the waterfalls in the middle of the wild jungle
  • Relax on the most beautiful beaches of Bali 
  • Visit traditional Javanese houses and an original bazaar of medicinal plants and spices.

Trip code

The price of the trip includes:

  1. One domestic flight;
  2. Accommodation during the entire trip;
  3. All transportation, including buses, hired vehicles, a ferry and airport transfers;
  4. Rafting on Bali;
  5. Professional guiding services.

What is NOT included:

  1. Flight to Yogyakarta and from Bali back home. (Let us know if you need help finding the best deals);
  2. Insurance (mandatory);
  3. Entry tickets to temples, parks and other places of interest ($100-120);
  4. Food ($8-15 per person per day).


16 February, Wed 25 February, Fri
$ 1126
21 December, Wed 30 December, Fri
$ 1126
06 January, Fri 15 January, Sun
$ 1126
Individual Tour
You can choose your date

Day 1 - 2

Cultural capital Yogyakarta Kraton palace Prambanan Hindu complex

We arrive in Yogyakarta on the island of Java and begin our group trip to Indonesia! This is the cultural capital of Indonesia, a city of arts and temples. We check into a hotel and head to enjoy the famous local cuisine. We will try gudeg - a jackfruit dish with coconut milk, duck eggs, rice and chicken. We should also mention local sweets. And if sweet rice and coconut are quite common, then how about sweet beans?

We head to the Kraton Palace, where the Sultans of Yogyakarta have been living since the 18th century. Yes, the part of the palace, where the sultan's family now lives, is closed to visitors. Just imagine that in the past more then 20 thousand servants lived in the palace servicing the first family! 

After lunch we go to Prambanan, famous complex of Hindu temples of the 9th century. It consists of dozens of temples dedicated to various Hindu gods. Just a hundred years after construction, these temples were abandoned and overgrown with jungle. The peasants showed these ruins to the Dutch colonialists. As a result, many temples were simply dismantled for souvenirs and sold on the black market. Work to restore this shrine began only in 1930. We will enjoy the temples, and then head to the picturesque beach to admire the sunset. This was just the second day of our guided tour to Indonesia!

Day 3

9th century Borobudur stupa Muslim districts Traditional restaurant Market of medicinal plants and spices

In the morning we go to the 9th century Borobudur Buddhist stupa. It stands against two huge volcanoes! The stupa consists of nine platforms with 504 Buddha statues. On the upper platform there are 72 small stupas in the shape of a bell; inside each one there is also a statue. From these statues and sculptures we will learn the entire history of the life of the founder of Buddhism - Buddha Shakyamuni. 

The history of this temple is unique. In the 14th century, the volcano Merapi covered Borobudur with volcanic ash. It was only rediscovered in the 19th century. Since then, the stupa was not just dug up, but completely disassembled and assembled on another spot! 

In the evening we continue our guided tour to Indonesia and explore the Muslim quarters of Yogyakarta. We observe the traditional life of the locals, dine in the restaurant, which is located in an old Indonesian house, and discover the colorful market of medicinal plants and spices.

Day 4 - 6

Sunrise on top of the Bromo volcano Madakaripura waterfalls Ijen volcano

In the morning we fly to Surabaya (1 hour) and go to the village of Chemore Lavang (3.5 hours), which is located at the foot of the volcano Bromo. where we check into a hotel. Early in the morning, we ride jeeps to the crater of the volcano to an altitude of 2329 meters above sea level to enjoy a beautiful sunrise. 

Watch a huge fireball roll out from the horizon and feel the power on our planet under your feet. We stand on top of the active volcano which erupted just recently, in 2015. Incredible feelings! We return to the hotel, have breakfast, rest and go to Bondovoso (6 hours on the way). We stop near Madakaripura waterfalls on our way. The water here falls from a height of 200 meters! To reach the highest waterfall will have to go directly under the stream of water.

We reach Bondovoso, and check into a hotel next to the Ijen volcano. Very early in the morning we leave the hotel, and walk for 1 hour until we reach the crater 2350 meters above sea level. But what is it? In the dark, something glows in a strange blue. From this acid flame, human figures appear. This is the acid lake right in the crater of the volcano, it shines with bright turquoise light. Every night hundreds of workers extract sulfur from it. They put the yellow stones in the baskets and go down to the village. Together with them we go down to the bus, have breakfast at the hotel, and get to Bali by bus and ferry (2-3 hours on the way) to continue our small group trip to Indonesia. Check into a hotel in Pemuteran and enjoy relaxing on a black volcanic beach. 

Day 7 - 10

Bali Beaches, waterfalls and jungles Palace of Ubud rulers Kechak fire dances

Everyone who has ever been to Bali is forever fascinated by this nature and bright colors. If there is a paradise on Earth, then without a doubt, it should look like Bali. We will walk along picturesque bright green rice plantations, find warm waterfalls in the wild jungle, explore the plantations of the best coffee in the world. Also, enjoy the beach, hidden between the steep slopes in the south of the island, and an unforgettable rafting on the Ayung River. 

We will also see the most famous sights - the palace of the rulers of Ubud, the temple on Bratan lake, the temple of Tirta Empul. The last one is famous for its water sources. Hindus believe that washing with this water cleans the person from all sins. It is not surprising that pilgrims from all over the world come here. 

No less impressive are the traditions of the locals. Fortunately, they are preserved well. For example, we will see the famous Kechak fire dances. 

In the morning on the last day we go to the airport and fly home. Our group trip to Indonesia has come to an end. Thank you for exploring with us!

Tour leader

Is this trip for you?

This trip is of light physical grade. It includes walks in cities and two easy hikes to the top of the volcanoes, each taking 1-2 hours. We will be moving around in hired vehicles for 2-6 hours, visiting places of interest on the way. Our itinerary also includes one domestic flight. We will stay in double/twin rooms of tourist class guesthouses and hotels, all will have hot water, air conditioning or fans and wi fi internet.


Indonesia is visa free for citizens of most countries.

We provide free visa consulting to our clients. 

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