+ flight to Havana and back home
8 days

What you get

Main cities and beaches
During the entire trip
Professional tour leader
and tickets to all attractions
7 nights in homestays
Physical grade
Level 1 (easy) out of 5

Cuba. Famous sights and hidden corners

Isolated for decades, Cuba begins to open up and attract more visitors. Let`s go now, before crowds of tourists arrive! Immerse yourself in the local exotic life and learn the secret of Cuban laid back happiness. 

  • Drive colorful retro cars in old Havana
  • Learn to dance passionate salsa, cha-cha-cha and merengue
  • Relax on white sand and clear turquoise water on the best beaches
  • Wander through the lost villages of the Vinales Valley, where tourists rarely go
  • Collect tobacco on a real plantation and roll your own cigar

Trip code

The price of the trip includes:

  1. Transportation during the entire trip;
  2. Accommodation during the entire trip;
  3. All breakfasts;
  4. Entrance tickets to all attractions listed in the program;
  5. Salsa and bachata lessons in the city of Trinidad
  6. Professional guiding services.

What is NOT included:

  1. Flight to Havana and back home;
  2. Tourist insurance (mandatory);
  3. Food, except breakfasts ($20-25 per person per day);
  4. Visa ($30).


17 December, Fri 24 December, Fri
$ 1292
15 January, Sat 22 January, Sat
$ 1292
Individual Tour
You can choose your date

Day 1 - 2

Cuban capital Driving retro cars Revolution square

We arrive in Havana and check into a home hotel. We rest, talk to our friendly hosts and begin to get acquainted with Cuban cuisine. In the morning we go for a walk in old Havana. This is the oldest quarter of the city, built in 1519 by the Spanish colonialists. Nothing remains since that time, as in 1555 French pirates captured and burned Havana. But buildings that are several hundred years old are not uncommon in the Cuban capital! 

We will walk along the streets between colorful houses, and then rent bright retro cars and drive along the picturesque seafront. We will park at the Capitol and explore this grand palace where the government of the country was located before the revolution of 1959. Next we head to the colonial fort built by the Spaniards in the 18th century and walk along the Revolution Square. This is the place where all the most important events of the country take place, for example, Fidel Castro always gave his famously long speaches here. 

Last but not least - tasting of local coffee, rum and mojito. These drinks flow like water in every cafe and bar! And lots of music - from performances in every cafe to improvised concerts of street musicians. We will try to learn a few steps of the most popular local dances - bachata and salsa. Cubans are knows as the best dancers, but they are also great dance teachers! Fans of Ernest Hemingway will be happy to visit his favourite places in Havana. 

Day 3 - 4

Vinales valley Tobacco plantations and cigar factory Visiting traditional villages

In the morning we go to the town of Vinales (about three hours by rented transport). It is located near the valley of the same name, which is considered the most picturesque place of the island and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here karst rocks rise above the bright fields and jungles, and the locals in the villages grow tobacco, keep cattle and lead a very traditional life, preserving their traditions and culture. We will enjoy a traditional dinner of local fish and lobsters. Delicious!

We will visit the tobacco plantations and cigar factory and see all stages of production of the world famous Cuban cigars. You can also try to roll your own cigar! 

Next day we explore the valley, visiting small traditional villages and farms. This is very different, non-touristic Cuba, where life flows slowly, like a local river

Day 5

Сayo Jutias island Santo Tomas cave

After breakfast we visit Santo Tomas cave, the largest cave system on the island and the second largest in the entire American continent. Its length exceeds 45 kilometers! The tour with the local guide lasts for an hour and a half, we will see bizarre stalactites and stalagmites, halls hidden in the cave at various levels and minerals.

We then go to Сayo Jutias (one and a half hours on the way). This is a small Caribbean island, without hotels and tourist infrastructure. It boasts incredible beauty of wild beaches with white sand, clear water and coconut palm trees. In crystal clear turquoise water you can see a lot of starfish and exotic fish. There are no tourists here. We will be alone in this pristine paradise! 

Day 6 - 7

The city of Trinidad Colonial architecture Traditional music and dances

In the morning we travel to the city of Trinidad (6 hours on the way). It is known as an open-air museum. It is older than Havana - founded by the Spaniards back in 1514. We walk through the narrow paved streets, marvel at the old colonial buildings on the main square, and colorful houses with tiles. All this is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

After lunch you can appreciate local souvenir shops, and art galleries, visit museums, take a salsa or merengue lesson, or visit the nearby beach. 

In the evening, we will listen to traditional music and try to learn a few dance steps from energetic Cubans.

Day 8

Varadero beach

We travel to Havana (approximately 4 hours on the way) stopping in the town of Varadero, where the country's most popular beach is located. 20 kilometers of the purest white sand and turquoise water! There is everything for a perfect holiday - cozy cafes and restaurants, infrastructure for tourists, and quiet corners where vacationers almost never wander. 

Photos from these places do not lie. The sand is really this white. The water is completely transparent. The sky is clear. You can look at this pristine beauty and breathe in the fresh sea air forever! You can stay in this paradise for a few days, or continue to the airport and fly home. 

Be sure - you will definitely want to come back here again!

Tour leader

Sofia Vovk
tour guide

Is this trip for you?

This trip is of easy physical grade. It includes long walks in the cities and a walking tour in the national park. We will travel by taxi, rented and public buses. All trips will be short - one for up to 6 hours, the rest up to 3 hours. Accommodation in the houses of local residents, in rooms for two people. All houses will have hot water, some will also have air conditioners.


Citizens of most countries need a visa to enter Cuba.

Visa should be applied for in the embassy of Cuba in your country of residence before the trip.

We provide free visa consulting to our clients. 

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