+ flight to Hong Kong and back home
18 days

What you get

Two countries
Hong Kong and The Philippines
During the entire trip
Professional tour leader - traveler
To all domestic flights
17 nights
Physical grade
Level 2 (easy) out of 5

Hong Kong and the Philippines. New Year on uninhabited island

The most modern metropolis of the world. And the wild picturesque islands that you saw on the advertising pictures. These experiences last a lifetime! 

  • Swim with the sea giants - huge whale sharks in the open sea
  • Look down on the endless forest of skyscrapers from the top of Victoria Peak In Hong Kong
  • Conquer active Taal and look into the lake inside the crater
  • Feel like a Robinson Crusoe on tiny uninhabited islands with secret lagoons and clear turquoise water
  • Walk in pristine jungle and stumble upon picturesque waterfalls with warm crystal clear water
  • Try the most delicious dim sum in Hong Kong, and enjoy the freshest seafood

Trip code
Chocolate hills, Hot springs, Tarsier park, Uninhabited islands, Snorkeling and diving, Big Buddha monastery, The oldest church in the Philippines , Manila's historic Intramuros city

The price of the trip includes:

  1. Four domestic flights;
  2. Accommodation during the entire trip;
  3. All transportation, including buses, ferries, boats, minivans and public transportation;
  4. Professional guiding services.

What is NOT included:

  1. Flight to Hong Kong and back home. (Let us know if you need help finding the best deals);
  2. Visas (if required);
  3. Insurance (mandatory);
  4. Entrance fees to museums, parks and other attractions ($150);
  5. Food (in Hong Kong – $15-25 per person per day, in the Philippines - $12-20);
  6. Renting diving and snorkeling equipment.


23 December, Fri 09 January, Mon
$ 2485
Individual Tour
You can choose your date

Day 1

Hong Kong Chungking mansions Victoria harbor Night life on Temple street

We arrive in Hong Kong and begin our guided tour to Hong Kong and the Philippines. We check into a famous Chongqing mansions on the busiest central Nathan Road. Writer Michael Connelly described this place as “the whole world in one building”, and The Economist magazine compared it with the Star Wars` Cantina cafeteria in spaceport. Built in 1961, the place became iconic after the release of the Wong Karwai`s film “Chungking Express”. It boasts small family hotels with tiny rooms, cozy restaurants of all cuisines of the world from African to Turkish, tailoring workshops, currency exchange ... And a lot more!

In the evening we walk to the Victoria harbor to see the famous light show. Neon lights shimmer and come to all forms on endless skyscrapers across the strait - these are the business areas of Hong Kong, the financial heart of the world! And do not forget to look down - we are walking on the Avenue of Stars of the Hong Kong cinema! True, few names will be familiar, except perhaps Jackie Chan and John Woo ... 

For dinner, we go to the center of nightlife on Temple Street. We emerge from the noisy crowds of onlookers and visit the restaurant of Sichuan cuisine. Here we try the most delicious eels and frogs.

Day 2

Tai O fishing village Big Buddha monastery Ngong Ping 360 cable car The best dim sum in the city

Many believe that Hong Kong is all about skyscrapers and crowds. Today we will part with these stereotypes forever! In the morning we take a ferry to Lantau Island and take a bus to the Tai O fishing village. There is not a single building above two floors here, and all around us we will only see forests and empty beaches. This is Hong Kong as it was just decades ago. We explore the narrow streets between the blue houses and take a boat ride, looking at traditional houses on stilts directly above the sea. Tai O is also known for its own cuisine - here they grill the freshest squids, oysters and shrimps, and boil large snails in sweet soy sauce. Delicious! 

We take a bus to the Big Buddha monastery. You have seen it in many photos! We walk around the 34 meters tall statue, watch Buddhist ceremonies and take the Ngong Ping 360 cable car down. Rocks and wild jungles slide under our feet, and skyscrapers, aircraft at the airport and ships in the strait slowly approach from afar. 

In the evening we will visit the dim sum restaurant, which is very popular among locals. It boasts the international quality mark - Michelin Star and is considered the most affordable restaurant with such a star in the world! The dim sum that the restaurant specializes in is the traditional steam cuisine of southern China. You will fall in love forever!

Day 3

Hong Kong island Victoria Peak Wong Tai Sin temple Nan Lian nunnery

Skyscrapers! Today we will see plenty of them. In the morning we take a ferry to the Hong Kong island, the same one that we saw across the strait on the Victoria harbor on the very first day. We walk around the business districts of the city, and then take the old funicular to the famous Victoria Peak. The funicular, which has been working here for more than 120 years, offers an unusual perspective on the skyscrapers - it seems that they are leaning towards the ground and falling. The most famous views of Hong Kong await at Victoria Peak - hundreds of skyscrapers under our feet!

We get down, explore Cat street, known as the former street of the thieves and now home to the biggest flea market. The ferry takes us back to the continent, and we head to the Wong Tai Sin temple. The parishioners place their offerings here - fruit, incense, meat and wine. Many go to the street of fortune-tellers next to the temple. Local masters can do everything - palmistry, playing cards, crystal balls, astrology and numerology. We wonder if they can predict our pleasant evening in the garden of Nan Lian Nunnery? Walking through the park, we will enjoy the sound of water and birds singing. 

In the evening we fly to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, where we will continue our group trip to Hong Kong and the Philippines and check into a hotel in the Ermita district.

Day 4 - 5

Manila Intramuros old town Rizal park and Lapu-Lapu monument Taal volcano

We have breakfast and go to Intramuros - the old district, built by the Spanish colonialists in the 16th century. Explore cozy cobbled streets, view Spanish medieval architecture, and enjoy the calm of this area. Fortunately, all transport, except for traditional carts with horses, is forbidden here! We go to the Cathedral of St. Augustine. This is the most favorite place for weddings in Manila. Every time we come we see a wedding. Fancy dresses, rose petals, music, limousines - all the attributes of a fairy tale! Beautiful. 

We walk to Rizal Park where locals love to enjoy themselves. Here we will observe local life and see a huge monument to a national hero - Lapu-Lapu. In the 16th century, this ruler of the island fought with the Spanish colonialists and personally killed the famous explorer Fernando Magellan. We will discover the seafront, try different types of local food, get a glimpse of the the bustling nightlife, and walk through the most famous shopping malls of Manila. These are real local attractions, without which you can’t understand the people of the Philippines! 

If there is time, we will visit the Taal volcano, which is 2 hours away from the capital. We will be getting there through Makati - the most modern district of Manila. Looks like Hong Kong, right? Taal is the second most active volcano in the country, but definitely the first in terms of unusual landscapes. It is located in the middle of the lake. And has another lake inside its crater!

Day 6 - 10

Palawan island Tiny islands, secret lagoons and beaches New Year in paradise Waterfall in the jungle

We continue our group trip to Hong Kong and the Philippines and fly to Palawan Island - perhaps the most distinctive island of the country. A minibus takes us to the town of El Nido on the north of the island. This trip will take us about 5 hours. On the way we will be passing by small villages, where people still live in traditional wooden houses on stilts, and arrange pens for pigs and other domestic animals right on the beach behind their houses. There are almost no cars here, and bikes are more of a luxury. People lead a very simple life, but they all have smartphones and 3G mobile internet!

We check into a hotel or guesthouse near the beach in El Nido. Ready for four days in paradise? Every day we will take traditional boats to discover small uninhabited islands, fabulous lagoons, and a unique underwater world. And in all these places we will be alone! The water here is completely clear, and the nature is untouched. Did we mention fresh seafood cooked on an open fire? It melts in your mouth! We celebrate New Year on a small pristine island, enjoying the sea and the company of a few like-minded people. 

We will visit a secret beach of amazing beauty, still unknown to tourists, and take a walk in the wild jungle to find a warm waterfall.

Day 11 - 12

Iloilo city Unusual churches Guimaras island The second oldest lighthouse in the country

In the morning we leave for the airport (approximately 5 hours on the way). We fly to Iloilo, where we check into a hotel and have lunch. This city on the island of Panay is famous for its unique churches. We will start with the church of St.Thomas, built in the 18th century. You can look at this facade forever, because it consists of many statues and fancy decorations. The color of the temple is also very unusual, and medieval style walls are up to two meters thick! 

Next on our way is the church of St. Anne. This 19th century temple is known as the temple of women. Built in honor of the mother of the Virgin Mary - Anne, it is distinguished by its red color, gothic spiers and unique wooden iconostasis. It depicts statues of sixteen female saints. 

The next morning we go to the small island of Guimaras. This is the place where locals from the surrounding major cities like to spend their vacation. We will visit the most beautiful beaches, try local food and all kinds of mangoes. Guimaras is home to the sweetest mangoes in the Philippines and is known as the capital of mangoes! Famous dried mangoes that sell everywhere from Europe to America are grown here. We explore the ruins of a Spanish town of the 18th century and come to the Guisi lighthouse. This is the country's second oldest lighthouse. And what a view it offers!

Day 13 - 14

Negros island Mambukal hot springs Waterfall in the jungle Dumaguete city

In the morning we take a ferry and go to the island of Negros, continuing our small group trip to Hong Kong and the Philippines. The bus takes us to the small Mambukal resort (2 hours on the way). We check into a hotel near the hot springs. This place is unknown to tourists, so we will be enjoying the sounds of the pristine jungle, and complete relaxation. We walk to the mountain waterfall, and spend the evening in warm mineral water, watching hundreds of flying foxes high over our heads. These parts of the island boast the largest bats in the world! 

In the morning we take a bus to the city of Dumaguete (about 4-5 hours on the way), check into a hotel and enjoy a walk on the seafront. For dinner we visit the popular local seafood restaurant.

Day 15 - 18

Swimming with whale sharks Panglao and Bohol islands Chocolate hills Tiny islands

We take a ferry to the island of Cebu (1 hour on the way). Here we will have some of the most unique experiences - swimming with whale sharks in the open sea! These sea giants can reach lengths of up to 8 meters, but despite their impressive size, they are completely harmless for humans. Whale sharks feed on plankton, which they collect near the surface. This is where we can swim right next to them. 

After recovering after an unusual experience, we take a ferry to Panglao Island (about 2 hours on the way). We check into bungalows on the Alona beach. During our stay here we will be exploring the neighboring small islands, swim on completely deserted beaches, enjoy beautiful sunsets and savour the freshest seafood. We will also visit the neighboring island of Bohol, where we will see one of the most popular places in the country - Chocolate Hills. This territory of tens of square kilometers boasts more than one and a half thousand small round hills. Very unusual views! Nearby is the tarsier reserve where we will meet some of the smallest primates of our planet who are on the verge of extinction. These creatures look so weird that they resemble unusual soft toys.

On the last day of our stay we go to the airport and fly to Manila to transfer to a flight to Hong Kong. We check into the same hotel for the night and in the morning fly back home. Our guided tour to Hong Kong and the Philippines has come to an end. Thank you for traveling with us!

Tour leader

Yevgeniy Ikhelzon
co-founder, tour leader

Is this trip for you?

This trip is of easy physical grade. It consists of visiting cities and towns where we will take long walks and short easy hikes in the jungle. We will also ride ferries, take short boat trips to islands, ride buses or minivans for up to 6 hours and take 4 short domestic flights. Accommodation in double/twin rooms of tourist class hotels. Each room will have own attached bathroom with hot water and wi fi internet. In El Nido we might be staying in double/twin rooms of tourist class guesthouses. Each room will have own attached bathroom, but might not have hot water.


Citizens of almost all countries do not need visa to enter Hong Kong.

Citizens of most countries also do not need visa to enter the Philippines. Those who need a visa has to apply for it in the Philippino embassy in the country of residence prior to the trip. 

We provide free visa consulting for clients.   

Additional options

3G mobile internet in Hong Kong
Price: + $15
Prepaid local sim card with unlimited internet for 7 days

3G mobile internet in the Philippines
Price: + $25
Local prepaid sim card with unlimited 3G internet

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