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10 days

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Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou and the picturesque villages of China

Three of the most famous metropolis of China and three cozy villages known as the most picturesque places in the Middle Kingdom. We walk near the skyscrapers and sail in boats to the cozy villages. Remarkable contrasts of two very different sides of China!

  • Watch the forest of skyscrapers from top of the famous Victoria Peak in Hong Kong 
  • Visit the famous casinos of Macau to feel the spirit of the gambling capital of the world or even try your luck 
  • Go boating on the Li river, enjoying the most beautiful scenery in China 
  • Collect oranges with locals and meet tribal people from the small minorities of southern China 
  • Walk on the picturesque terraces of Longsheng, which resemble the ridge of the Dragon

Trip code
Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou and the picturesque villages of China

The price of the trip includes:

  1. Domestic flight from Guilin to Hong Kong;
  2. All transportation, including trains, buses, city transport and taxis;
  3. Accommodation throughout the trip;
  4. Entrance tickets to all attractions along the route;
  5. Professional guiding services.

What is NOT included:

  1. Flight to Hong Kong and back home. (Let us know if you need help finding the best deals);
  2. Food (about $ 15-20 per person per day);
  3. Insurance (mandatory);
  4. Visa to China.


Individual Tour
You can choose your date

Day 1

Hong Kong Chungking Mansion Victoria Harbor Night life on Temple Street

We arrive in Hong Kong and check into the famous Chungking Mansion in the city center. This iconic place resembles a beehive, and The Economist magazine compared it to the Star Wars spaceport cafeteria. Many famous films were shot here, for example, Wang Kar-wai’s Chungking Express. Intrigued? Mansion consists of many small family-run hotels with tiny rooms, restaurants of all cuisines of the world, workshops and currency exchanges. 

After some rest we walk to the Victoria Harbor. The financial heart of the world is just across the strait - on the neighboring island of Hong Kong. We observe how the forest of skyscrapers is glittering with neon lights and enjoy the famous light & fireworks display. Another attraction is right under our feet - the Avenue of Stars of Hong Kong cinema. Can you find the starts of Jackie Chan and John Woo? 

Next - Temple Street, one of the most bustling night areas of the city. Shops, bars, fruits, all kinds of restaurants. Let`s choose one for our first dinner!

Day 2

Tai O fishing village Big Buddha Ngong Ping 360 cable car The famous dim sum restaurant

In the morning we take a ferry to Lantau Island and get into a completely different Hong Kong - we are in the Tai O fishing village. Everything was changing, getting crashed and rebuilt around this village, but life in this part of the city seems to have stoped. There is not a single building above two floors, and the village is surrounded by jungles and deserted beaches. 

Many people here still live in wooden houses on stilts on the water and move around in motorboats. We will ride boats and walk the streets of the village to see the life of local residents. Walk in small shops, enjoy the lunch of fresh seafood on the grill. Be sure to try the snails in soy sauce and the original cold drink from hibiscus flowers. 

We take a bus to another part of Lantau Island and arrive to the Big Buddha, the symbol of Hong Kong. 268 steps - and we stand at the feet of a statue 34 meters high, behind which there is a monastery. We descend down by the Ngong Ping 360 cable car. From the booth we observe planes landing and taking off, spiers of skyscrapers, ships heading to the largest port in Hong Kong, and right under our feet we see the jungles and rocks. 

In the evening we visit the famous dim sum restaurant. It boasts the prestigious international quality mark - a Michelin star and is known as the most affordable restaurant with a Michelin star in the world. We'll have to stand in line for a bit, but it's worth it!

Day 3

Business districts of Hong Kong Funicular to the Victoria Peak Wong Tai Sin temple Nan Lian garden and monastery

In the morning we take a ferry to Hong Kong Island - the very business district, the financial heart of the world. We immediately find ourselves among the endless glass skyscrapers. We walk to the funicular, which has been working here for more than 120 years. It takes us to the Victoria Peak - the famous peak, which offers an amazing view of the whole city. We get down by bus, passing through the richest districts of the city. Red Ferraries and Lamborghinies will drive next to our double-decker bus, and huge villas with swimming pools will flash by the windows.

We go to Cat street - the former street of thieves, where the most famous antiques market is located now, and then we return to the continent to visit the Wong Tai Sin temple. Observe prayers and offerings of the locals. They bring fruit, meat and lard, vodka, burn incense and pray. Many do not resist the temptation and go to the street future tellers next to the temple. Playing cards, glass balls, lines on the palms and calculating numbers - local predictors can do it all! 

In the evening we walk in the garden at the Nan Lian garden. The park around the monastery is quite small, but everything is thought out to the smallest detail and, to the sound of water and birds singing, you forget that you are in the middle of a huge metropolis.

Day 4

Macau Portugese architecture Famous casinos

In the morning we take the high-speed ferry to Macau (approximately 1 hour on the way). We check into the hotel in the center and explore the main square and the symbol of the city - the facade of the Cathedral of St. Paul. Built in 1640, it was almost completely destroyed during a fire in 1835. They did not rebuild the cathedral, but left the surviving facade in place. 

The fact that Macau was part of the Portuguese empire for centuries can be seen immediately - both in architecture and in many Portuguese dishes. Ever heard of the famous egg tarts? Locals know the bakeries where they are worth waiting for! But above all, Macau is, of course, one of the gambling capitals of the world. Thousands of Chinese and tourists from other countries flood here every day to try their luck. Macau even surpassed Las Vegas in revenue and became the gambling capital of the world! We will visit some of the most famous casinos. 

Day 5 - 6

Guangzhou Guangzhou temple Canton Tower, the second tallest tower in the world The largest tea market in the world Shamian island

In the morning we take a train to Guangzhou (2 hours on the way). We check into the hotel in the center and go out to explore. We go to the slum area - squeeze through the narrow streets between the tall buildings that literally close the sky over your head - and walk out on the wide street with high fashion boutiques. Yes, Guangzhou is also a city of contrasts!

We will visit the 3rd century Guangzhou temple, one of the oldest monasteries in China, which was famous for its monks and translators of Buddhist sutras. We will also visit the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall. It consists of 19 buildings in the traditional South Chinese style. One of them boasts the famous museum of folk crafts. 

We ride the elevator to the top of the Canton Tower of 600 meters, the second tallest tower in the world. Needless to say that the view of the city from the observation deck is wonderful! We walk on the Pearl riverfront, watching the skyscrapers, and then go to the largest tea market in the world. Here in hundreds of tea shops you can find all kinds of tea from all parts of the Middle Kingdom. Did you try, for example, a 100-year-old oolong tea? We will! 

In the evening we walk in the Shamian island. The Chinese government leased it to France and Britain in the 19th century. Everything still resembles Europe here - colonial houses and cozy cafes, parks and British bridges. And complete lack of transport. Very nice!

Day 7 - 8

Villages of Yanghuo, Xingping and Fuli Riding boats on the Li river

In the morning we leave for Yangshuo by train (2 hours on the way). We are going to the nearby village of Xingping. We are in places that the Chinese consider the most picturesque in the whole country! Here the Li river winds between karst rocks covered with emerald jungle, and the locals cross to the villages on the other bank on rafts made of bamboo.

These landscapes have inspired the most famous Chinese poets and artists for centuries, and now they are depicted on the 20 yuan banknote. We will ride boats on the river, walk on the narrow streets of Xingping and orange groves, go through the rice fields, where the locals fish to see the most beautiful places of provincial China. We will also stop at the bazaar in the neighboring village of Fuli, where representatives of national minorities come from remote villages. Their bright costumes will not leave anyone indifferent! Skyscrapers are cool but only in the rural places you can feel such peace.

Day 9 - 10

Longsheng rice terraces

In the morning we go to Longsheng by bus (about 3 hours on the way). We check into a hotel. Here are the famous rice terraces on the slopes of the mountains are situated. Locals believe that they resemble the backbone of the Dragon. Terraces in the mountains were built some 650 years ago! In just a few weeks, rice will be planted here and the terraces will be covered with a bright-green carpet. For now they are filled with water, and from viewing platforms seem like mirrors.

On our last day in China we take a bus to Guilin airport (1 hour on the way) and from there we fly to Hong Kong where we transfer to a flight home.

Tour leader

Olga WuWei
tour leader

Is this trip for you?

This trip is of easy level of physical activity. It includes long walks in the cities and in nature. We will travel by buses and trains (trips for up to 4 hours), take a ferry and ride boats. We will also take one short domestic flight. Accommodation in double/twin rooms in tourist class hotels and guesthouses. All will have their own bathroom with hot water and wi fi internet.


Citizens of almost all countries need a visa to enter China.

The visa should be obtained in the Chinese embassy in the country of residence before the trip.

We provide free visa advice for clients.

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3g mobile internet in China
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Prepaid local sim card (no international calls) with 2GB internet package

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