+ flight to Kuala Lumpur and from Bali back home
11 days

What you get

Three countries
Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia
During the entire trip
and nanny for children
To all domestic flights
10 nights in family friendly hotels
Physical grade
Level 1 (easy) out of 5

Family tour. Malaysia, Singapore and Bali in Indonesia

Exploring the world with children is fun, educational, and very easy. Visit the three bustling countries of Asia with us, and experience what will be remembered for a lifetime! 

  • Observe Singapore from the roof of Marina bay sands hotel 
  • Swim in the warm waterfalls and enjoy the best beaches of paradise Bali
  • Feed the birds in the largest bird park in Kuala Lumpur, watch monkeys, elephants, rescued from captivity and learn about turtles
  • Take surfing lessons at one of the most iconic surfing spots in the world
  • Have fun at the water rides in Asia's largest water park 
  • Go to Buddhist and Hindu temples and watch traditional fire dances.

Trip code
Family tour. Malaysia, Singapore and Bali in Indonesia

The price of the trip includes:

  1. Two flights in Asia (Kuala Lumpur - Singapore and Singapore - Bali);
  2. Accommodation in family friendly hotels / apartments of 3-5 * level;
  3. Breakfast in hotels;
  4. All transportation, including taxis, public and rented transport, ferries and boats;
  5. Entrance tickets to all parks, aquariums, museums, attractions and other places along the route;
  6. Accompaniment of a professional tour leader and nanny * throughout the route.
  7. * Ability to leave children older than 4 years with a nanny for up to 5 hours daily.

What is NOT included:

  1. Flight from your city to Kuala Lumpur and from Bali back home (Let us know if you need help finding the best deals);
  2. Food, except breakfasts in hotels ($10-15 per day);
  3. Insurance (mandatory);
  4. Visas (if you need one);
  5. Serfing on Bali ($15 per hour).


Individual Tour
You can choose your date
*Сonditions: Current price is valid for one adult individual, if the child is accompanied by two adults. Children below 12 travel for free
*Сonditions: Current price is valid for one adult individual, if the child is accompanied by two adults. Children below 12 travel for free

Day 1 - 2

Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur Batu caves Bird park Petronas towers and light show

We begin our family tour by arriving in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia and check into a 4* hotel. We get acquainted with the group and the tour leader and rest. For dinner, go to the most popular food street - Jalan Alor. Vegetarians and meat-eaters, lovers of vegetables, tofu, and seafood fans - here everyone will find suitable dishes. Delicious!

The next morning we take the subway to Batu caves. Discovered by British naturalists in the middle of the wild jungle in 1878, these caves soon became revered by local Hindus. Here they installed a statue of the god Murugan almost 43 meters high. Inside the caves there are two small temples, and the walls and huge ceilings are decorated with curly stalactites. Thin streams of light illuminate these huge caves, where only birds and monkeys lived recently.

We lunch in one of the popular vegetarian restaurants near the caves, and then take the subway to the largest open bird park in the world! Birds of all colors and sizes walk and fly next to you, you can even feed them special food. The park boasts lakes, streams and even an artificial waterfall. Here you forget that you are in the center of a modern metropolis. Children and adults love this place! In the evening we walk around the symbol of the country - the twin towers of Petronas and watch the famous light show of musical fountains. 

Day 3

Singapore Marina bay sands hotel Gardens by the bay Light show

After breakfast we go to the airport and fly to Singapore (one and a half hour flight). We check into a 4* hotel, rest and after lunch begin our walk in the center of the most modern country in the world! We visit the rooftop of the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel, which resembles a ship, take a walk near the fountains and explore the super modern futuristic Gardens by the Bay. 

These artificial trees are capable of many things! For example, they collect rainwater and use it to irrigate real plants automatically. In the evening we will watch the famous light show. 

Day 4

One of the best zoo in the world Night safari Chinatown Temple of The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Next morning we start with a visit to one of the best zoos in the world. Children will be delighted with penguins, polar bears, and proboscis monkeys, and most animals will not be separated from visitors by the fence. Imagine unforgettable emotions when feeding a giraffe! 

If you ever wondered what animals do after dark, you will have a chance to find out by visiting the world's first night wildlife park “Night Safari”.

After lunch we stroll through the historic Chinatown, where we visit the country's main Buddhist temple. For dinner we head to the famous food court, where the locals are queuing for dishes featured in newspapers. We will advise only the most delicious! 

Day 5 - 6

Bali island Traditional Barong dance Elephant Park Coffee plantations and rice terraces Waterfalls Tirta Empul temple

We continue our family holiday with kids and in the morning fly to the island of Bali, the most famous place in Indonesia (a 2.5 hours flight). By rented transport, we go to the authentic Ubud and check into a 3* hotel with a pool. In the evening we go to the temple of Pura Taman Kemuda Saraswati, surrounded by wonderful lotus ponds. Here we will see the famous Barong dance, and then enjoy dinner in an atmospheric restaurant in the middle of rice fields. 

For breakfast, try a healthy smoothie-bowl, which children will be delighted with. We continue to explore Ubud and the surrounding area on rented minibuses. Today we will visit the Elephant Park, where we can feed and observe these lovely giants rescued from the island of Sumatra. We make a short trip to the waterfalls, visit a coffee plantation, where adults can taste the most expensive coffee - Luwak, and children - enjoy their coconut ice cream. 

Children and adults alike will enjoy the swing in the middle of the jungle and rice terraces of Tegallalang. Next - we head to the water temple of Tirta Empul near Ubud. It is famous for his sacred springs, the water in which washes away all sins. At least the local Hindus believe this!

Day 7 - 8

Rafting on Ayung river Sanur beaches Monkey forest Surfing lessons

Today, adults and children older than seven will be able to experience the thrill of rafting 10 kilometers along the fabulous Ayung River. This is a famous place for rafting. We will do a trail along the river in the middle of the pristine jungle, enjoying panoramic landscapes, fresh air, see exotic birds and swim in the waterfall. In the evening, adults can relax at the spa, and enjoy traditional Balinese massages and a relaxing bath with essential oils. 

The next morning, we walk in the Monkey Forest. This is the natural habitat of crab eater macaque, and we will recognize them by the funny crests on the tops of the heads. Then we leave for Sanur (1 hour on the way) - a town where the beach stretches for several kilometers along the promenade, which makes it a perfect place for a long walk or cycling. Those who wish can learn to surf, because Bali is one of the best places on the planet for learning this sport! Surfing lessons for children are also available here.

Day 9 - 11

Beaches of Bukit peninsula Fire Kechak dances The largest water park of Asia Turtle center

In the morning we take off for the Bukit Peninsula to continue our trip with kids. We will visit the famous beaches of the south - Balangan and Dreamland, and also find ourselves on a little-known beach with white sand and emerald water, hidden between karst rocks on a cliff. At sunset, we’ll go to the Uluwatu temple, where we will see exotic Kechak dances on the edge of a 70-meter cliff. For dinner, we head to Jimbaran, famous for its fish market and seafood restaurants. 

The next day we will spend in Asia's largest water park - Waterbom Bali. Lovers of extreme sports will be happy on steep slides, children will use swirling slopes. Here you can even try surfing and a catapult! And those who want to relax can lie in a swim ring, rafting along the tropical Lazy River, surrounded by the jungle. Children will be delighted! On our way back to our hotel we will visit The Turtle center, where volunteers save, treat, care, and then release them back into the ocean. 

On the last day, we relax on the beach, then go to the airport and fly home. Our family tour with children has come to an end. Thank you for exploring with us!

Tour leader

Is this trip for you?

A family tour of easy physical grade. We will take two short flights and one comfortable train ride lasting approximately 4 hours. We will also use metro and comfortable city buses with air conditioning, a short (15 minutes) ferry ride and several short transfers by rented transport to Bali. We will also walk in the cities and in the national park. Accommodation in family rooms in family friendly hotels of 3-5* and apartments.


Malaysia and Indonesia are visa free for citizens of most countries.

Citizens of some countries need a visa to Singapore, but we will use the visa free transit for 96 hours. 

We provide free visa consulting to our clients.

Additional options

3G mobile internet in Indonesia
Price: + $12
Local prepaid sim card with 2GB internet package

3G mobile internet in Malaysia
Price: + $15
Local prepaid sim card with 2GB internet package

3G mobile internet in Singapore
Price: + $10
Prepaid local sim card with minimal 3G package

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