+ flight to Casablanca and from Marrakesh back home
19 days

What you get

Desert, beaches and old cities
During the entire trip
Professional tour leader - traveler
In the desert
18 nights
Physical grade
Level 1 (easy) out of 5

All colors of Morocco on May holidays

May holidays in Morocco is a great idea! Ancient cities, desert, sea, excellent cuisine and hospitable people - this country has a lot to offer. 

  • Enjoy the wonderful beaches of the Atlantic Ocean 
  • Ride a camel through the hottest desert in the world Sahara and meet the dawn among the Erg Shebby dunes up to 150 meters high
  • Explore the vibrant streets of Chefchaouen's Blue City
  • Visit the largest mosque in Africa in Casablanca, which seats more than one hundred thousand people
  • Observe the work in the Chouara tannery operating since the 11th century
  • Explore the ancient Berber fortresses where some of the most popular Hollywood films were shot

Trip code
All colors of Morocco on May holidays

The price of the trip includes:

  1. Accommodation during the entire trip
  2. All transportation
  3. Transfers from / to the airport
  4. Breakfasts in hotels, if included in the price of accommodation
  5. Breakfast and dinner in the desert
  6. Professional guiding services.

What is NOT included:

  1. Flight to Agadir and from Marrakech back home. (Let us know if you need help finding the best deals)
  2. Visa in Morocco (from € 20)
  3. Insurance (mandatory)
  4. Entrance tickets to palaces, museums and other attractions along the route (only about €40)
  5. Food.


Individual Tour
You can choose your date

Day 1 - 2


We arrive in Agadir - a resort town on the shores of the Atlantic ocean and check into a house near the beach. Let`s begin our group trip to Morocco by relaxing on the beach, and enjoying picturesque sunset and traditional Moroccan dinner on the terrace! We begin our acquaintance with delicious local cuisine - we will definitely have a roast of meat and vegetables tajine, spicy harira soup, lamb with prunes and couscous, kebabs and traditional desserts.

The next day we will enjoy the beach. Those who wish can take a surf lesson. After all, Morocco has some of the best surfing beaches in the world! Those who wish can visit the nearby beaches - for example, the popular beach near the Devil's Rock.

Day 3 - 4

Red beaches of Legzira

In the morning we leave for the Paradise Valley (2 hours on the way). This place is the photographer’s dream. We will follow a simple route along a picturesque gorge, and enjoy the sound of a mountain river below. And how to convey the feeling when you jump from a cliff into natural pools with clear water? Unbelievable! We finish our hike near the palm groves and return to Agadir. 

The next morning we go to the famous red beaches of Legzira (about 3-4 hours on the way). And this is not just a name! The cliffs here are really red, and millennia of winds have given them unusual shapes. In some places, huge arches go into the ocean, forming a completely unearthly landscape. If there is time in the evening we will stop by the mountain to enjoy a beautiful view of the lights of Agadir.

Day 5

Essaouira Seafood market

In the morning we leave for Essaouira, the famous blue and white city on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean (about 3 hours on the way). We walk through the narrow streets where locals sell traditional carpets, ceramics, unusual decorations and spend hours enjoying their traditional mint tea. We explore the Portuguese fortress of the 16th century, and walk to the pier of Moroccan blue boats. 

After lunch at the seafood market we check into the hotel and then head to explore medina - the old city. The streets here are so narrow that even an ordinary car does not fit. Lucky us! Nothing will distract us from immersing in the atmosphere of old Arab cities that resemble mysterious fairy tales. We will meet the sunset on the walls above the cliff of the Atlantic Ocean. All the power of the ocean under our feet and the blood-red sun disk on the horizon! What a view!

Day 6

Marrakesh Modern Gueliz district Old city

In the morning we walk along the seafront, and then leave for Marrakesh (about 3 hours on the way). We check into a traditional riad hotel in the old town. All the windows here overlook an interior cozy courtyard with a gurgling fountain, flowers and tables with benches. Having breakfast here or just drinking tea is a pleasure. We set off to explore the old district of narrow streets, look into the workshops of artisans, colorful shops and mosques and madrassas of the 12th century. 

But Marrakech is not only about antiquity! To see all the contrasts of this amazing city, we head to the modern district of Gueliz. Office buildings, people in suits and expensive modern establishments - a completely different life is going on in this realm of glass and concrete!

Day 7

Marrakech Saadian tombs Koutoubia mosque

Today we explore Marrakech. We will visit the main shrine of the city, the Koutoubia mosque, built in the 12th century. The minaret of this mosque reaches a height of 77 meters. To reach the top of it and to call the faithfull to a prayer, the muezzin uses a wide staircase on the horse. 

Then we go to the Saadian tombs, elegant sepulchres dating back to the Saadian dynasty which ruled Morocco in 16-17 centuries. Dozens of members of the dynasty are buried in these tombs of Italian marble with rich decorations and unique wooden carvings.

Day 8

Tizi-N-Tishka mountain pass Valley of the Thousand Kasb Ait Ben Haddu ancient city

In the morning, by rented transport, we leave for the Sahara - the hottest desert on earth. We will pass through the highest pass of northern Africa Tizi-N-Tishka, and from a height of 2260 meters take a look at the Atlas Mountains. Enjoy the beautiful views of the red sands and rocks that surround us from all sides.

We continue our small group trip to Morocco and descend to Ait Ben Haddu, the ancient fortified city - ksar. It used to be a big city on an important trade route, but now only ten families live here. We walk between traditional houses made of red clay, enjoying the peace and absolutely fairy tale like atmosphere. Dozens of Hollywood films were shot here, for example, The Mummy, Gladiator, Alexander, and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

We head to the Valley of the Thousand Kasb, known for its ancient Berber fortresses. We check into a traditional riad hotel in the Dades Valley.

Day 9

Todra gorge Sunset in Sahara desert

We leave in the Todra gorge, traveling along the cliffs of the Atlas Mountains, admiring the mountain rivers and canyons below, and endless valleys with bright green date groves. We reach the village of Merzouga and check into the real Berber camp in the middle of the dunes of Erg-Shebby. We were in the heart of Big Sahara! The sand here is bright orange, and the sunset turns it bloody. These dunes reach a height of 150 meters! The views are amazing.

After dinner of traditional Berber tajine, a stew of meat with vegetables or couscous with fruits we enjoy the silence of the desert and watch how sparks from a bonfire fly into the sky, turning into stars. Incredible evening!

Day 10

Sunrise in the desert Camel ride

We meet the dawn in the desert, and then saddle the camels to ride in the dunes. If there is time, those who wish can go down from the highest dunes on the sandboards. We leave to Marrakesh. This trip will take us the rest of the day, with stops for lunch and some rest. In the evening we arrive in Marrakesh and check into a traditional riad hotel.

Day 11

Marrakesh Bahia palace Majorelle garden

In the morning we go for a walk through the famous Majorelle garden, which belongs to the French designer Yves Saint Laurent. We will take a break from the heat, enjoying the babbling fountains, coolness and plants and flowers from different parts of the world. Then we go to the Bahia Palace to admire the famous mosaics and ceramics.

In the evening, we head to the main square to observe local life. 

Day 12

Casablanca The biggest mosque in Africa

In the morning we leave for Casablanca - a city that has become famous all over the world thanks to the film of the same name, shot in 1942 (about 3 hours on the way). This film is called one of the best films in Hollywood history. But in Africa, Casablanca is also known as the home to the largest mosque on the whole continent! This is Hassan II Mosque, where we will go after checking into a hotel. 

It is located on the very shore of the Atlantic Ocean and accommodates more than 100 thousand visitors!

Day 13

Former capital Meknes The town of Fez Chouara tannery Ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis

Today we will learn more about Moroccan history. We start from the former capital Meknes, where we will go by train in the morning (about 3 hours on the way). This city was the capital of the country in the 17th century and from that time elegant structures have survived here which have earned Meknes its fame as the "Moroccan Versailles". Through the huge mosaic gate with towers we will enter the old city to admire the architecture and observe the local life. 

Our group trip to Morocco continues and we head to the town of Volubilis (1.5 hours on the way). Here we will spend several hours walking along the ruins of the most southwestern city of the Roman Empire. We will see the ruins of ancient Roman temples, the Arc de Triomphe, the forum and the aqueduct. 

In the evening we leave for Fez (1.5-2 hours) and check into a hotel. We will explore the old medina and visit the famous Chouara tannery. Animal skins have been processed here since the 11th century and exported to dozens of countries. The process takes place in huge clay vessels. First, the skin is softened, then painted. The smell is ... unusual. But watching the process is worth a little patience!

Day 14

Chefchaouen, the Blue city

After breakfast we go for a walk along the streets of Fes. This is the second main city of Morocco, which is considered the cultural capital of the country. At lunch we leave for Chefchaouen, the famous Blue City (4 hours on the way) where we check into a hotel.  

The very photos with the blue streets that you saw from Morocco are made here! Now no one knows where the tradition of painting all the buildings in the city in blue came from. It is said that the idea came up with the Jews who fled to this part of Morocco from the persecution in Germany in the 1930s. True or not, but the result is inspirational!

Day 15 - 17

Akchur waterfall Town of Asilah Portuguese fortress Beaches

In the morning we drive to the Reef Mountains, which surround the city from all sides. We will take a short walk there, climb a picturesque bridge and visit the Akchur cascading waterfall. On the way back we get to the observation deck to enjoy the sunset in the most beautiful place. 

The next morning we walk around the city, and then leave through the Reef Mountains to the town of Asilah on the Atlantic Ocean (3 hours on the way). We check into a hotel and go out for a walk around the resort town, where locals from big cities love to spend their weekends. All houses in the old city here are painted white, and many preserved ancient carved windows called mashrabiya. Thanks to these intricate wooden lattices, a fresh sea breeze enters the room, but the scorching rays of the sun do not penetrate. 

We explore the Portuguese fortress, walk to the lighthouse and along the steep walls of the city fortifications of the 15th century, enjoy the beaches.

Day 18 - 19

Marrakech Jemaa el Fna Square

Early in the morning we take the train to Marrakech. After about 4.5 hours on the way, we arrive in Casablanca to have lunch and take a walk around the city. We take the train again and after about 2.5 hours arrive in Marrakesh, check into the hotel and go for a walk along Jemaa el Fna Square. This is Africa's main shopping area! But it is famous not only for its endless shops and cafes. In the evening, bright shows of circus artists, magicians, snake charmers and drummers begin here. 

The next morning, we go to the airport and fly home. Our group trip to Morocco has come to an end. Thank you for traveling with us!

Tour leader

Is this trip for you?

This trip is of light physical grade. We will take an 1.5-hour trip across the desert on camels and take simple walks, lasting for several hours. This trip is suitable for people in normal health condition. We will be riding comfortable rented vehicles, as well as public buses for up to 6 hours. Accommodation in double/twin (sometimes triple) rooms in traditional Moroccan houses. Almost all will have wi fi internet. In the Sahara desert, one night is planned in the tents of Berbers.


Citizens of many countries need a visa to Morocco.

The visa should be obtained in the embassy in your country of residence.

We provide free visa consulting for our clients. 

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