+ Flight to Jayapura and back
7 days

What you get

Papua province
During the entire trip
Professional tour leader
During the trek
6 nights
Physical grade
Level 4 (demanding) out of 5

Baliem Valley Festival and trek to Papuan jungle villages

A unique opportunity to visit an authentic festival in one of the most remote places in the world. This is not a show for tourists, it is a true tribal gathering! 

  • Meet tribes that lead a very traditional way of life. 
  • Walk through the wild jungle, passing over the suspension bridges, and along the waterfalls. 
  • Visit the tiny villages lost in the forests where life has not changed since ancient times. 
  • Watch reenactments of the ancient wars and traditional tribal competitions.

Trip code
Papua, Baliem, Indonesia

The price of the trip includes:

  1. Domestic flights Jayapura-Wamena-Jayapura;
  2. Porters and guides during the trek;
  3. Food during trekking (3 days);
  4. Festival entrance ticket;
  5. Hotels in Wamena (may be changed to homestay or other kinds of accommodation. Tour leader will inform the group after final arrangements are made);
  6. English speaking guide during the entire trip;
  7. All transportation during the trip;
  8. Tents and cooking gear rental.

What is NOT included:

  1. Flight to Jakarta and back home;
  2. Domestic flights Jakarta-Jayapura-Jakarta;
  3. Food (except during trekking);
  4. Baggage over 10 kg in Jayapura-Wamena-Jayapura flight;
  5. Medical insurance (mandatory).


07 August, Sun 13 August, Sat
$ 989
Individual Tour
You can choose your date

Day 1

The city of Wamena

We arrive in Jayapura, the capital of Papua, in the morning. We have breakfast and rest at the airport. At about lunchtime we will fly to Wamena, the main city of the Baliem Valley. Check in at the hotel. Here we get all the necessary permissions for further movement.

Day 2 - 3

Tribal festival

In the morning we go to the festival. We will spend the whole day watching a unique event - the annual meeting of the three main tribes of Papua. This is the only opportunity to see hundreds of locals performing traditional rituals in national dress. The main theme of the festival - the reenactment of the ancient tribal wars. We will see the battles like they were in the most immemorial times of the existence of our civilization ... 

We will listen to traditional music, we will see dances, and we will watch competitions in pig racing, javelin throwing, hunting and others. We also spend half the next day at the festival, and after lunch we take the cars and head to the small village on the edge of the valley in Baliem. We will spend the night in tents.

Day 4 - 6

Trek in the Baliem valley Tribal villages

During these 3 days we trek for 38 kilometers, enjoying nature of picturesque Baliem valley and visiting 7-8 villages of Dani and Lani tribes. We will be accompanied by porters, spend nights in tents and will be buying some of our food (sweet potato and a kind of vegetable) from locals. 

We will walk along the paths among the bright green jungles, admire the waterfalls, cross the ford of the river and walk along the suspension bridges. We are surrounded by the wildest jungles of our planet!

Day 7


Morning flight to Jayapura, flight to Jakarta and back home. Those interested can continue their trip elsewhere in Indonesia.

Tour leader

Is this trip for you?

This trip is of above average difficulty level and includes a 3.5-day 38-km trek in the jungle. We will spend at least a couple of nights in tents and will cook our own food during the trek.


Indonesia is visa free for citizens of most countries. 

We provide free visa consulting services for our clients.

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