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Contrasts of China. Skyscrapers and secret mountain monasteries

20 +2 to transfer

Tour description

Yes, we will see all the iconic sights of Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou - the megacities of China. But you will be equally impressed with the charming Chinese countryside.

  • Walk between the famous skyscrapers of Hong Kong. 
  • See the main casinos of Macau. One of them boasts a recreation of Venice!
  • Ride bamboo boats along the picturesque Li river. These landscapes are officially considered the most beautiful in all of China. 
  • Trek along the Tiger Leaping Gorge, where the Yangtze River begins its journey. 
  • Spend a day with the monks in a remote mountain monastery. No electricity. No tourists.

Tour departures

The price of the tour includes

Flight from Kunming to Hong Kong; Transportation during the entire trip; Accommodation in double/twin rooms during the entire trip; Entry tickes to all attractions during the entire trip; Professional guiding services.

What is NOT included

Flight to Hong Kong and back home. (Let us know if you need help finding the best deals). Insurance (mandatory); Visa to China; Food ($25-15 per person per day).

Tour map

My name is Travel

Tour itinerary

Day 1

Hong Kong, Chungking Mansion, Victoria harbour, Light show

We arrive in Hong Kong, and check into Chungking Mansion on the main street. We found ourselves in the very center of a huge metropolis, on the street of expensive boutiques and street cafes, where glamorous people stand in line for meat on skewers. The place where we will live is a landmark in itself. Remember the movie "Chungking Express" by Wong Karwai? It was filmed here! Previously, it was the house of communal apartments, now almost all of them have been turned into small family hotels. On the first floors, people of all colors, shades and nationalities work - Pakistani tailors, African currency exchangers, Thai cafes. Anthill!

We walk to the Victoria harbour and for the first time see the very forest of skyscrapers, familiar from photographs and films. All of them are located on the opposite shore, and serve as an excellent backdrop for the famous local light show. We observe sakura flowers bloom on skyscrapers, how they burn with lights and shine with all colors. Impressive! The first evening we will spend in the thick of nightlife - on Temple Street. Choose a place for our first dinner. The best sushi in the world? Or juicy frogs?

My name is Travel
Day 2

Tai O fishing village, Big Buddha, Ngong Ping 360 cable car, The best dim sum in the city

In the morning we take a ferry and a bus to the island of Lantau and seem to move in time. We ended up in the fishing village of Tai O. The all of Hong Kong looked like this only a few decades ago - wooden houses on stilts, deserted beaches and wild jungles around. We will ride boats in this village, observing the traditional way of life of the locals. Life here is completely different than in the center. In the narrow pedestrian streets locals sell fresh grilled seafood, snails in soy sauce and a cold drink of hibiscus flowers. Delicious! 

We take a bus to the symbol of Hong Kong - the statue of the Big Buddha. Take 268 steps - and we stand by a statue 34 meters high, sitting on a huge lotus flower. This statue holds pieces of sharira - the cremated remains of Buddha, a sacred treasure in Buddhism. 

We descend down by the Ngong Ping 360 cable car, enjoying the views of skyscrapers, the sea, and watching the jungles and rocks under our feet. For dinner we go to the famous dim sum restaurant. This place boasts a prestigious international quality mark - Michelin star. We'll have to stand in line a bit, but the impressions are worth the wait.

My name is Travel
Day 3

Financial center, Viktoria Peak, Wong Tai Sin temple, Chi Lin nunnery and park

In the morning we take a ferry to Hong Kong Island - the very skyscrapers we saw across the strait on the first evening. This is a business district, the financial heart of the world! We walk between endless skyscrapers to the funicular, which has been working here for more than 120 years. It will take us to iconic place - Victoria Peak. Those photos with the spiers of skyscrapers below, literally under your feet - are made here! We walk literally at the top of the city, and then on the double-decker bus we go down, passing the richest district. No, Hong Kong is not only about tall buildings. Huge villas with gardens and pools are here! 

We walk on the colorful market of antiques on Cat street, and return to the continent. We head to the Wong Tai Sin temple. There are always a lot of parishioners who bring offerings, incense, and try to learn about their future. Yes, fortune telling is an indispensable part of almost any Chinese temple. For the particularly curious, there is a whole street of future tellers nearby. They use different methods and speak several languages. 

In the evening we take a walk in the park around Chi Lin nunnery. Ponds with fish, bridges and neatly trimmed bushes and trees. This is a very cozy place for a walk!

My name is Travel

Is this trip for you?

This trip is of average level of physical activity. It includes long walks in the cities and in nature. We will also do a two days trek, walking 24 kilometers. We will travel by buses and trains and ride two cable cars (to an altitude of 2380 meters above sea level and 4506 meters above sea level). Accommodation in double/twin rooms of tourist class hotels and guesthouses. All will have their own bathroom with hot water and wi fi internet. One night during the trek we will spend in simple houses.

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