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Mysterious Iran - Ancient cities and unique landmarks

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Tour description

A unique opportunity to visit ancient Persia, one of the most ancient world civilizations. Everyone knows about its main sites, but how about the most hospitable people in the world? You just have to travel for experiences like these!

  • Walk in the footsteps of the legendary Persian king Darius among the remains of the ancient city of Persepolis. 
  • Listen to an improvised concert performed by Isfahan residents at the 17th-century Joubi bridge. 
  • Feel like a fire-worshiper of antiquity, peering into the sacred fire in the temple of the Zoroastrians, the oldest religion, whose representatives still live in Iran. 
  • Walk in the ancient mountain village of Abyaneh, where the locals still lead a very authentic life. 
  • See the sun rising among the endless sands and rocks of the Dasht E-Lut desert.

Tour departures

01 May 2023 - 13 May 2023

The price of the tour includes

Accommodation during the entire trip; All transportation including buses, trains, specially rented vehicles, and all kinds of public transportation; Breakfasts in all hotels; Professional guiding services.

What is NOT included

Flight to Tehran and from Tehran back home; Visa to Iran ($75-95); Lunches and dinners ($8-20 per person per day); Tickets to museums, parks, palaces and other places of interest ($200). Insurance (mandatory).

Tour map

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Tour itinerary

Day 1

The capital, Tehran, Museum of National Treasures

Arrival in Tehran, checking into a hotel. We will visit the Museum of National Treasures of the country, which is located in the special underground premises of the Central Bank of Iran. This is a unique fund of the most valuable jewelry of the world, collected by the Persian rulers for many centuries. For example, we will see the Peacock Throne, which is considered the most luxurious throne in the world, the Precious Globe covered with 51,366 precious stones weighing almost 4 kilograms, and admire one of the most famous diamonds in the world of 182 carat - Derianur. 

Blinded by luxury, we move to the equally impressive palace of Golestan, the residence of the Persian kings. After lunch in one of the most popular restaurants of the city, we will discover the bustling Grand Bazaar - one of the biggest covered markets in the world. 

Enjoy traditional tea with Iranian sweets in one of the teahouses in the evening and observe curious locals.

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Day 2-3

Freedom Memorial , Milad Tower, The city of Isfahan, Mosques and palaces of Imam square

In the morning we will visit the modern symbols of the capital - the Freedom Memorial on the Azadi square and Milad tower - the sixth-tallest tower in the world. After lunch we depart to Isfahan (about 6 hours on the way). We arrive at night and check into a hotel.

In the morning we will explore the Imam Square, surrounded by several ancient mosques and known as one of the largest squares in the world. We will learn about Islamic symbolism and acoustics in the Shah Mosque and walk up to the balcony of the Ali-Kapu Palace, from which only recently - in the 16th century the most ruler, Shakh Abbas I of Persia, watched the magnificent parades on the square. Also we will visit the bazaar and dine in the restaurant of traditional cuisine. 

We stroll through the Persian park Chekhel Sotun, which was built by Shah Abbas II in the 17th century. The highlight of the park is a Forty Columns palace - 20 columns are real, and another 20 are reflected in the lake. We will also see the famous Isfahan bridges, in particular, the famous Joubi - the 147-meter bridge of the XVII century. We might also visit an impromptu concert in the evening.

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Day 4

Armenian quarter, Vank cathedral

In the morning we go to the Armenian quarter - one of the oldest districts of the city where Armenians used to live. Back in the 17th century, they were allowed to build their own Vank cathedral here. Outwardly modest, even ascetic, it strikes with bright frescoes and rich decoration inside. We walk along quiet streets around the cathedral, where the workshops of Armenian masters used to be. We go to one of the cozy coffee shops, where the Iranian youth likes to gather. This district feels like a small old town, not a part of the big city. 

After lunch, we head south from Isfahan to Mount Sophe, a favorite weekend getaway for city residents. We ride the funicular to the top and observe how the evening lights of the city are lit.

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Is this trip for you?

This trip is of easy physical grade. It includes bus rides up to 6 hours with stops for food and some sightseeing on the way. This trip also involves long walks in cities and villages. Accommodation will be provided in double/twin rooms of tourist class hotels and guesthouses, all will have hot water and wi fi internet.

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