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Lost Iran. Nomads, mountains, desert and rafting on Bazoft river

14 +2 to transfer

Tour description

Iran is opening up to the world but still has a lot of best kept secrets and authentic spots. This trip is about visiting places with no electricity and roads - the wildest parts of Zagros mountains, rafting on a pristine river, and meeting Bakhtiari nomads. We will also visit impressive remains of ancient towns of Elamite and Parthian civilisations, see unique sites of royal Isfahan and Tehran and spend a night in the desert.

Tour departures

The price of the tour includes

Is this trip for you?

This trip is of demanding physical grade. It is suitable for people in normal physical shape. It includes 3 night rides in buses and trains and several shorter bus rides. We will spend 2 days rafting and 4 days mountain trekking. During our trekking we will be carrying our own backpacks. In cities we will stay in double rooms of good hotels, some nights might be spent in comfortable guesthouses. All will have hot water and wi fi internet. 7 nights will be spent in tents and 1 night in the village house with locals.

Price of the trip includes:

  • All transportation including buses, trains, taxi, and even donkeys who will carry our luggage during one part of the trek;
  • All accommodation in double rooms of good hotels (some might be switched for comfortable guesthouses), in the village and in tents;
  • Rental of ultra light modern packrafts for rafting; 
  • Professional guiding services; 
  • Rental of tents and equipment for food preparation.

To be paid separately:

  • Flight to Tehran and from Tehran back home;
  • Food ($130-200);
  • Entrance tickets to mosques, museums and other places of interest (up to $80);
  • Personal equipment like sleeping bags, clothes for trekking and other;
  • Medical insurance (mandatory)

Tour itinerary

Day 1

Arrival in Tehran early in the morning. We will check into a hotel and rest. Those interested can explore a bit of the city, visiting Golestan palace, Treasury of national jewels, one of the museums or the grand bazaar. In the evening we take a bus or a train to Khuzestan province.

Day 2

Arrival in Dezful. Today we will visit 3 UNESCO World heritage list sites, starting with remains of Susa - an ancient city of the Elamite, First Persian Empire and Parthian empires of Iran. Then we will visit the remains of the grand Palace of Ardashir built in 224 A.D. and explore the ancient town of Dur Untash of the Elamite state more than 3250 years old. After lunch we go to the nearby town of Shushtar where we will visit the so-called Caesar dam, built by Romans in 3 century B.C. and still functioning. In the evening we take a train or bus to Isfahan.

Day 3

Morning arrival in Isfahan, checking into a hotel in the center. After some rest we explore the city center, visiting the second largest square in the world with its mosques and a palace.

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