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Galapagos islands, Ecuador and the best of Peru

20 +2 to transfer

Tour description

The lost world of the Galapagos Islands, masterpieces of the Inca Empire and four days in the Amazon jungle. In one unforgettable journey!

  • Follow in the footsteps of Emperor Pachakutek in the legendary Machu Picchu
  • Learn to fish, make chocolate and walk in the night jungle from the Quechua people in the wild jungles of the Amazon
  • Watch sea iguanas and lions, giant turtles and pink flamingos in the Galapagos
  • Peek inside the crater of the active Sierra Negra volcano
  • Swing on the famous swing over the abyss in Casa del Arbol.

Tour departures

01 October 2022 - 20 October 2022
24 April 2023 - 13 May 2023

The price of the tour includes

  • Accommodation in hotels, guesthouses, bungalows during the entire trip
  • All domestic flights
  • Flight Quito - Lima
  • All transportation
  • Entrance tickets to all attractions listed in the itinerary
  • Migration card for visiting the Galapagos Islands
  • Rent of bicycles and kayaks
  • Rafting
  • Three meals a day during the Amazon rain forest stay
  • Professional guiding services.

What is NOT included

  • Flight to Quito and back from Cusco. (Let us know if you need help finding the best deals)
  • Insurance (mandatory)
  • Food ($15-25 per day)
  • Snorkelling equipment rental ($15 per day)
  • Additional diving ($200).

Tour map

My name is Travel

Tour itinerary

Day 1-2

The capital Quito, Santa Cruz island, Charles Darwin research center, Wild animals

We arrive in Quito, the capital of Ecuador and the second highest capital in the world. We check into a hotel. If there is time, we will walk around the historic center, and for dinner head to the national restaurant. We will be back to Quito soon to get to know this city better!

In the morning we fly to the Galapagos Islands and settle in the town of Puerto Ayora on the island of Santa Cruz. Today we will visit Charles Darwin's research station and learn about the unique local climate and why it was here that Darwin came up with the idea of evolution. We walk around the island meeting wild locals - giant turtles, sea iguanas, fur seals and possibly pink flamingos. All these animals are wild and we will watch them from an arm's length!

My name is Travel
My name is Travel
Day 3-4

Tortuga Bay beach, Snorkelling, Swimming with seals, Isabela island

In the morning we board a motor boat and sail to Tortuga Bay beach. You can swim here only in some places where we will not interfere with the local wild animals. Those who wish can go snorkelling and see the fish and cute seals swimming. In the afternoon we return to Santa Cruz and explore the island on the rented jeep.

The next day we take a motor boat to Isabela island (about 2.5 hours) and check into a hotel. Bicycle lovers can rent this transport and ride through the most scenic spots of the island. You can also swim in the small bay next to seals and marine iguanas.

My name is Travel
My name is Travel
Day 5

Sierra Negra volcano, Kayaking, Diving

In the morning we head to the Sierra Negra volcano. The entire walk will take approximately five hours. We will climb a gentle summit of 1124 meters above sea level to see a huge crater with a diameter of almost 11 kilometers! Step on fresh lava fields. This crust covered with cracks under our feet was red-hot lava in the summer of 2018 when the volcano last erupted. We walk down the slope covered with jungle. On the way, we will definitely meet giant turtles and other local inhabitants.

We have lunch and rest. You can go kayaking near Puerto Villamil Bay. Diving enthusiasts can take a short diving tour in the open ocean.

My name is Travel
My name is Travel

Is this trip for you?

This trip is of the average physical grade. It includes walking in cities and parks, crossings between islands, trips by comfortable buses (up to 6 hours), by train, by public and leased vehicles, by motorboats. We will take three domestic flights and international flight Quito - Lima.

Activities include zip-lining, rafting of III category of complexity, snorkeling, cycling. The trip also includes a change in climatic conditions and altitude. Accommodation in tourist class guesthouses and hotels. In the jungle we will stay in bungalows with basic conditions without wi-fi.



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