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China. Pandas, Avatar park and towns on the Ancient Tea Road

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Tour description

All contrasts of the Middle Kingdom - in a unique journey through the most vivid places. We will walk in noisy megacities and enjoy incredible mountains. See tranquil monasteries and charming Chinese countryside. Also, we will meet some of the most unusual people of the country. 

  • Watch funny pandas in their natural habitat at a Chendu reserve
  • Walk in the famous "Avatar park" between unreal hanging rocks and cross the world's longest glass bridge over an abyss
  • Ride a boat in the old city, known as the Venice of China
  • Enjoy traditional Chinese opera and shadow theater 
  • Explore the biggest tea market and enjoy traditional tea ceremonies

Tour departures

The price of the tour includes

Domestic flights; All transportation, including trains, buses, city transport and taxis; Accommodation throughout the trip; Entrance tickets to all attractions along the route; Professional guiding services.

What is NOT included

Flight to Chengdu and from Beijing back home. (Let us know if you need help finding the best deals); Food (about $ 15-20 per person per day); Insurance (mandatory); Visa to China.

Tour map

My name is Travel

Tour itinerary

Day 1-2

The city of Chengdu, The biggest shopping mall in the world, Sichuan opera, Panda Center

We arrive in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province. We check into a hotel, rest and go for a walk in the city. Hungry? Sichuan is famous for its excellent cuisine! We will try veal with soy sprouts, eggplant in spices and other local dishes. The famous Sichuan pepper is the mandatory ingridient in all local dishes. It has nothing to do with red or black pepper. These are the husk around the seeds of the tree of the citrus family. Delicious! 

We head to Du Fu park, where the hut of the famous Chinese poet of the 8th century is located. Here he wrote his best poems. Move back to the present and visit the largest shopping center in the world - the New Century Global Center. It boasts the area of 1 million 700 thousand square meters! In addition to shops, there is, for example, a whole artificial beach with sand, an Olympic-sized ice-skating arena, a "Mediterranean village" and a pirate ship. 

In the evening we head to the traditional Sichuan opera. An hour and a half of national music and singing, shadow theater, acrobats and mask shows. 

Next morning we go to the Wolong Panda Research Center Panda Reserve. Here, on an area of 2 square kilometers, more than 150 individuals of the big panda live. We will learn more about these unique animals, which have become a kind of symbol of China and will observe how pandas live in their natural environment. There will be a lot of bamboo and cute scenes! 

In the evening, we take the train and head to Emeishan (1 hour on the way). We check into the guesthouse at the foot of the mountain.

My name is Travel
My name is Travel
Day 3-4

Emeishan mount, Leshan Giant Buddha

In the morning we take a cable car to the top of Emeishan mount. Buddhists believe that one of the main disciples of the Buddha, the bodhisattva Samantabhadra, reached enlightenment here. On the mountain, between the wild jungle, there used to be more than a hundred Buddhist temples. But they all suffered greatly from the Cultural Revolution of the Communists. Now some temples are restored. For example, we will visit the 9th century temple, which boasts an ancient statue of Samantabhadra on the elephant.

Next morning we head to the nearby Leshan. Here we will visit the famous 71-meter tall statue of Buddha, built in 8th century. It used to be the tallest statue in the world. We will marvel at the statue standing next to it`s feet. Walk up to the viewing deck to see the Buddha’s tranquil face. And then ride a boat on the river to admire landscapes and watch local fishermen.

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Day 5-7

"Avatar park", The biggest glass bridge over the abyss in the world

We return to Chengdu and fly to Zhangjiajie. We check into a hotel in the Wulingyuan National Park. It is known to the whole world as "Avatar park". It was here that the beautiful scenes of flights over the weightless rocks of the famous Hollywood film "Avatar" were filmed. In reality, the rocks are not less impressive! 

Thousands of years of winds cut these karst rocks into bizarre forms. In the mornings the fog envelops the steeples, and it seems that you soar above the clouds ... We will walk on the roapways, admiring the views and enjoying the cleanest mountain air. We will walk in the jungle along the rivers, looking out for strange birds and exotic plants. But the main thing - of course, is the highest glass bridge in the world over the abyss! We will walk 300 meters above the canyon. Yes, it feels like flying slowly! Ready?!

My name is Travel

Is this trip for you?

This trip is of medium level of physical activity. It includes long walks in the cities and in nature. We will also take a 2 days long trek in the mountain, walking for approximately 24 kilometers and reaching the altitude of 2800 meters above sea level. We will travel by buses and trains (trips for up to 4 hours). We will also use two cable cars to get to an altitude of 2380 meters above sea level and 4506 meters above sea level. Accommodation in rooms for two people in tourist class hotels and guesthouses. All will have their own bathroom with hot water and wi fi internet. One night during the trek will be spent in simple houses.

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