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Physical Grades

Physical Grades

1 — Easy

Easy walking with climbs, a bit harder than two flights of stairs. Suitable for everyone, including children.

2 — Light

Light walking and hiking for up to 6 hours, suitable for almost everyone. May include long trips in comfortable trains or buses.

3 — Average

These tours may include easy hiking, light rafting, kayaking or bicycle trips. It can also include long stays in an unusual climate or a sudden change of climate. Suitable for most people in average physical shape.

4 — Demanding

Might include days of hiking or a bicycle trip, rowing or other similar activities of above average difficulty.

5 — Difficult

Challenging and long distance hiking that might involve some rock climbing or alpinism, long bicycle trips in changing conditions, rafting or kayaking of 2-4 WW level and other activities of significant physical strain. May also demand some specific training.

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