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An incorrigible adventurer, Talyana has done karate, wind surfing, worked in an ambulance, as a bodyguard, war zones correspondent, and, finally, an aide to a Russian MP. In 2011 she moved from Moscow to Rome and started spending months at a time exploring Asia. She loves hiking and discovering Asia's sacred places. Expert on Nepal and Northern India.

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Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal. Three Himalayan kingdoms

My name is Travel
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08 April 2024 - 24 April 2024

We will visit three oldest Buddhist countries in the world, one of which - Bhutan, is considered the happiest in the world. Let's start with picturesque India, where we'll visit Darjeeling and Sikkim - the former Himalayan kingdom. In Nepal we will see the stunning valley of Kathmandu with its ancient cities and temples. The highlight of the trip is the mysterious Bhutan, where the Buddhist idea of happiness became a state principle.

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