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COVID 2019 Traveler FAQs

COVID 2019 Traveler FAQs

My name is Travel is suspending tours which begin from March 16 until May 30. No decision has been made on later tours, and we will inform you as soon as we make one. You safety and health remains our top priority.

How does My name is Travel decide which tours to suspend?

Our decision is determined by the restrictions that the governments of nearly all countries of the world have imposed.

My tour has been suspended. What do I do?

Please note that your trip has not been cancelled and we will be more than happy to schedule it for later date. You will be informed about the new dates of your tour as soon as we make a decision. Another option is to use your deposit on any other My name is Travel tour during next 2 years. For example, if your April 2020 tour has been suspended you may use the deposit that you paid until April 2022.

My name is Travel does not refund your deposit for suspended tours due to the fact that the reason for suspension is far beyond our control. Please do not contact us asking for refunds, as these will not be provided.

My tour has been suspended. What do I do with my airline tickets?

Please contact your airlines. Most airlines allow you to change the date of your flights or transfer money to your deposit.

My tour begins after May 1. What do I do?

The situation in different countries is developing as we type this text. No decision has been made yet about the later tours. You may monitor any restrictions imposed by the country that you intend to visit, as well as contact your airlines for information regarding your flight. You may also read travel advice from your country's ministry of foreign affairs. If you have already arranged your tourist insurance, please talk to the insuring company about any changes. 

We will continue to monitor developments and will be in touch with all customers on a priority basis.

My tour has NOT been suspended, but I want to change it for later date/other tour. What do I do? 

Standard rules apply. You may change to another tour with a fee of 100 USD imposed.

How to get in touch with My name is Travel?

Please write or call us if you have any other questions. We will answer all questions on the priority basis.

Please do not contact us if your tour begins after May 30. We have not made the decision regarding these, and we will inform you as soon as we make one. 

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Our top priority is to provide you with the most relevant information that will help you feel safe anywhere in the world. If you have other questions about upcoming travels, please contact us.
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